Miss Arrowette

    Character » Miss Arrowette appears in 37 issues.

    First appearing in World's Finest Comics, Bonnie King attempted to become yet another sidekick for the emerald archer. She became a trusted ally of Green Arrow's over the years. She is the mother of the second Arrowette who joined Young Justice.

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    Due to the constant, grueling archery training from her mother, Millie, Bonnie actually became a good archer in her own right, even so far as to go on to win a Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games. To her mother, though, anything short of gold was a disappointment. After that, Bonnie abandoned home and archery (for a period of time) never to talk to her mother again. This would later explain the strained relationship that she and her own daughter would have.

    During her stay in Star City, she eventually became inspired by the exploits of Green Arrow and Speedy, and after becoming queen at the National Archery Convention and being crowned the annual Miss Arrowette, King fashions a costume for herself, becoming the first Miss Arrowette, in hopes of using her skills for something more meaningful. Against the other two archer's pleas, she attempted to help then, but it turned out that she was quite clumsy and too vain to wear a mask.

    Bonnie briefly dated Oliver Queen, but later married journalist Bernell "Bowstring" Jones, who remembered her from the Olympic Games and, flatteringly enough, considered her a star. Eventually, Green Arrow asked Bonnie not to assist them anymore. This event seemed almost as a precursor, announcing the coming end of Bonnie's short lived career. Shortly after, She had to permanently leave archery because of carpal tunnel syndrome in her wrists.

    Before "Bowstring" died a few years after their marriage, Bonnie had a daughter named Cissie King-Jones, who later became Arrowette, under mother's guidance and training.

    Bonnie forced her daughter, Cissie, into archery like her mother did to her and forced her into a life of crime fighting. Cissie and her mother's relationship is very strained.

    Trick arrows- Arrowette's trick arrows take a more feminine gear with arrows such as the mascara arrow and nail file arrow. Yet these arrows have gotten her, Green Arrow and Speedy out of quite a few sticky situations.

    Trick Arrows used:

    1. Bubble Arrow
    2. Hair Pin Arrow
    3. Lotion Arrow
    4. Hair Tint Arrow
    5. Nail File Arrow
    6. Needle and Thread Arrow
    7. Powder-Puff Arrow
    8. Hair Net Arrow
    9. Kerchief Arrow
    10. Mascara Arrow
    11. Mirror Arrow

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