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A fugitive from a dimension called the Realm, Alyssa appears to be a normal, cute girl with a thing for spiked bracelets and combat boots. But as her robotic dog, Tink, reveals she's much more. Alyssa just wants to blend into a small college town in the Midwest, but certain powers of the Realm want her back. Fortunately, this so- called normal girl will find she has the ability to not only save herself, but stop the Realm entirely, and finally get back to a life of rock shows, parties and her comic shop job.  It appears that people Alyssa thought were friends were nothing more than assigned guardians. Or at least that's the hint she gets when three of them try to KILL her. A high paced chase away from the bloodthirsty servants of the Elders leaves Alyssa no options but to take a head first dive into the mouth of a portal whale - a risky move that lands her straight in the middle of the Midwestern United States. She's taken in by the rockabilly greaser who owns the comic shop she wakes up in front of, but his intentions are questionable. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Alyssa's Robo-dog, Tink, and the guardian who follows her through the portal, are still unknown.







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