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    Major Story Arcs

    Devil's Choices

    Milan is a jocular, self-centered soldier in the Agrami Grendel clan. He works in Goran's squad, with whom he often argues. He's initially happy to hear that their clan signed a peace treaty with their enemies the Savas, but then Goran gets in an argument with their General, Igor, and they get sent to another battlefront.

    When they come upon a lone, unarmed soldier, Mislav wants to shoot him, but Goran takes pity on him and tells him not to. Goran shoots him anyway, setting off a pack of explosives he was wearing, nearly killing their squad and breaking Mislav's arm. Mislav gets frustrated with Goran, because if he had shot him earlier, the explosives wouldn't have hurt them. Mislav and the others kick Goran out of the squad for being too soft.

    Mislav gets orders from Igor to kill the Sava Grendels--who are supposed to be their allies--to cement their hold on power in the area. Mislav's group does so under cover of night, and chaos ensues when Goran and his Sava girlfriend, Marica, find them the next day. Marica dies in the aftermath, and Goran vows to get to the bottom of the matter.

    Mislav is also there when a small group from the new Grendel-Khan's army tries to get the Agrami to join them. Igor tortures and kills them all, and incites the clan to fight back against the Khan.

    When the Khan's army arrives, Igor leads his army off to fight, and leaves Mislav back at camp with some high explosives. If Igor is defeated, he wants Mislav to detonate the explosives, killing all the Agrami so there will be no prisoners. Mislav agrees, but when Igor is indeed defeated, Mislav does not have the heart to kill everyone and lets himself be captured.

    Goran later becomes the new general of the Agrami under the Khan's rule, and Mislav becomes one of his aide-de-camps.


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