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    The Misfits are a group of second rate criminals assembled by Killer Moth. The team consists of Catman, Killer Moth, Calendarman and Chancer.

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    The Misfits: Day One

    Chancer a criminal from Texas arrives at Gotham City. He steals money from an armored truck and gets into a fight with Batman. Just when Batman was about to defeat him Nimrod stops him because he wants to catch Chancer himself. Nimrod, invicible, comes down to face Batman when Chancer jumps off the building. Nimrod apparently escapes and Batman cannot find his body on the ground. We see that before Chancer hit the ground Catman saved him. He asks Chancer for help in something and to ensure Chancer does it he introduces his panther, Sasha to him. They both go to Wayne Foundation building. Catman needs Chancer to watch whether the security guards look upwards while he walks over a rope and plants an explosive on the phone lines. After the job was done, Chancer tries to leave but Catman offers him a job. He says that he and two other criminals have something big planned. Meanwhile, Nimrod returns to his apartment and looks at a picture of his girlfriend and he promises her that he will catch Chancer one day. Calendar Man is across town and he plants a device on an AID's charity gala that's set to open tomorrow with the Mayor Krol and Commissioner James Gordon. Calendarman returns to the hideout where Chancer and Catman are waiting for him. Catman introduces Chancer to the group. Killer Moth arrives from the shadows and thinks about shooting Chancer. Catman stops him and Calendar man makes a crack at Chancer. Killer Moth offers Chancer an opportunity to join the group of Misfits and Chancer can have a share of ten million dollars. As morning rises Killer Moth explains the plan to Chancer and that it's a triple kidnapping that involving Commissioner James Gordon, Mayor Krol and millionaire Bruce Wayne (Batman)

    Misfits: Day Two

    The Misfits set their plans in motion. Alfred is driving Bruce to the Wayne Foundation building. When an explosive goes off. Alfred is injured and before anyone could call an ambulance the main phone lines explode. Killer Moth and Chancer descend from a nearby building. Bruce Wayne manages to hold his own for a while but Killer Moth shoots him in the chest with a tranqulizer. Killer Moth then shoots the remaining guards with a phosphor grenade. They then escape with Bruce Wayne on their getaway car. Meanwhile, at the charity gala, Calendar Man and Catman activates a device and a low frequency wave drops over everyone there. Calendar Man then drops a large net over the police who are guarding the place. Jim Gordon tries to get Krol to a safe place but Catman and Calendar man catches them before they get away. Calendar man then activates his device through a remote control and fake sounds of gunfire kept the remaining cops at bay. They get in their getaway car and Calendar man presses another button and the license plates changes to a new one.

    At the police headquarters, Sarah Essen is furious that half the force was present there and they still couldn't stop the kidnapping. Lt.Kitch arrives and tells her that Bruce Wayne too have been kidnapped. At the hideout, Catman and Calendar Man brings in Gordon and Mayor Krol. They find that Bruce Wayne is already there unconscious. After Bruce wakes he is sitting next to the others. Gordon hatches an escape plan and jumps on to the kidnappers. Bruce and Krol run for it and Krol is caught and Gordon is punched. Bruce tries to jump the fence in front of him but the panther stop him. They are then grouped and Killer Moth says that he will shoot them dead if they try anything again.

    They then call the police department and demands a ransom of ten million dollars or the victims dies at 9:00pm.and says they will call later with further instructions. <a href="/nimrod/29-27172/">Nimrod</a>meanwhile, searches for Chancer . He sees the Bat-signal and goes there intending to meet Batman. However, Robin arrives and ties <a href="/nimrod/29-27172/">Nimrod</a> because he knows Nimrod is an escaped convict. Nimrod explains that Chancer framed. Robin doesn't listen to him. But when Sarah Essen says that the victims die at nine , Nimrod says he knows where the Misfits are but Robin is going to have to free him first.

    Misfits: The Last Night

    Nimrod believes that they are at the docks because the kidnappers claimed that the victims die at nine and the tide comes in at nine. Lt. Kitch comes to the rooftop and says that the kidnappers had called and they want Sarah to deliver the ransom since she is Jim Gordon's wife. The Wayne Foundation had already arranged the ransom money. Robin and Nimrod head out, Robin tells Nimrod to tail Essen and he will go to the docks. Meanwhile at the hideout, Killer Moth takes Bruce, Gordon and Krol to a crate hung a few feet over the ground. He then closes the door and leaves. Although, Calendarman and Catman were willing to let them go after the ransom drop, Killer Moth lowers the crate into the water and water seeps in through the holes. Killer Moth then heads out to leave with the others.

    Bruce manages to untie the ropes on his wrists and the others. He then kicks the door but it doesn't open. Bruce is then forced to use his skills as Batman. He asks Gordon and Krol to turn over their pockets. Gordon has a police shield and smokers knife while Krol has a diamond tie pin,hair gel and a pair of keys. Since the door was screwed from the inside, he could scrape off the rust with the keys and use the smokers knife to unscrew the screw heads. Bruce applies hair gel to the screws and the water begins to fill to the top. Krol begins to drown. Bruce manages to unscrew some of the screw heads but the knife breaks and he begins to pull the hinges as hard as he could. Robin arrives at the docks and with the help of Ace the dog he finds the hideout and reaches the basment to find the crate half submerged and he jumps into the water. Sarah arrives at the ransom drop, she negotiates with Killer Moth whether they really would release the victims. Killer Moth swoops down and kicks her and collects the money. Catman promises her he will release them personally.Nimrod meanwhile is invisibly watching all this. The trio were able to escape the crate. Krol is alright even though he swallowed a lot of water.Robin whispers to Bruce that it was Nimrod who figured out where they were. Robin tells him that he had put a tracking device on him. The Misfits were about to divide the cash and leave. Nimrod watches them and he knows he couldn't let them getaway. He jumps on them and shoots some of his projectiles. While invincible he picks up there cash and pretends to make a break for it. Killer Moth activates the infra red goggles on his mask and he is able to see Nimrod. He shoots him in the leg and before and threatens to shoot Nimrod. Batman arrives and throws a batarang at Killer Moth. Batman fights the rest of the team while Chancer tries to escape with the money. Nimrod sees him and jumps of him. They fall off the building. Catman is unconscious and Batman nearly knocks out Killer Moth. Calendar man picks up Killer's gun and threatens to shoot Batman. Batman tells him that Killer Moth had tried to kill the kidnapped victims. Calendar Man gives up since he didn't want to go down as a murderer. Batman punches him, then Killer Moth comes at him, declaring that he started the group because they were always the losers, he attempts to jump on Batman but he throws him into a wall knocking into a wall. Batman goes down to find out if Nimrod and Chancer had survived the fall. He finds that an awning had broken their and they had landed on the sand. <a href="/nimrod/29-27172/">Nimrod</a> was waking up and <a href="/chancer/29-27171/">Chancer</a>was unconscious. Nimrod explains to Batman why he was after Chancer and tells him everything. Batman knows he can't let Nimrod go and now that Chancer is captured, the truth will come out eventually. (for detail of Nimrod's origin follow this link: <a href="/nimrod/29-27172/">Nimrod</a>.

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