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    One of Cyberdata's key operatives until she went rogue. Was killed by Warblade and then her consciousness was transferred into a Bisey.

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    Lydia O'Rourke was a girl that always managed to get men to do what she wanted, and that was before becoming a telepath.
    She was eventually recruited by Cyberdata who augmented her mental abilities and placed her on a S.H.O.C. Team. She dated Warblade before becoming infatuated with Robert Bearclaw ( Ripclaw). On one particular mission the S.H.O.C.'s found themselves coming under heavy fire and they realized that they had been ratted out. Warblade found Misery going after something not within the mission parameters and realized that she was the traitor. Warblade stabbed her but not before she alerted Ripclaw to her situation. Ripclaw attacked his friend and knocked him off a cliff.
    Many years later, Misery resurfaced in Ripclaw's dreams and he was sure she was alive. Lydia was once again playing two sides against one another and Cyberforce found themselves in a fight against Warblade's team known as the Wild C.A.T.s. Despite her best efforts, Misery was never able to take control of Warblade's thoughts as he had learned to protect himself from her control by filling his mind with rage, thus she could never get a grasp on his thoughts. Cyberforce was more controllable and the Wild C.A.T.s would not use lethal tactics on opponents that were not their enemies.
    Warblade managed to survive a burtal telepathic attack and distracted Lydia by inquiring about the fate of her baby, with the red headed telepath distracted Warblade rammed his blades through her abdomen breaking off her attack. Much to Ripclaw's, and Misery's surprise, she was still alive. Lydia was in fact a BISEY (BIo-Synthetic EntitY) and her memories (up until a certain point) had been downloaded into the body. The real Misery had never told Ripclaw she was pregnant and the baby died when Warblade killed her.
    Misery was seen alive after the fall of Cyberdata.


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