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Very little is known about Misbelief. At some point she was put through Harvest's Culling, which she survived. She was then recruited to N.O.W.H.E.R.E.


Misbelief was created by Tom DeFalco and Aaron Kuder. She made her first full appearance in Legion Lost #8.

Major Story Arcs

The Culling

Misbelief is sent alongside the Ravagers to contain the recently-arrived Legion members. She targets Chameleon Girl, and overwhelms her using her telepathic abilities. Later, she is sent along with her teammates to control the revolting subjects in the current Culling. During the mêlée she fights Wonder Girl, and is defeated. Her fate is unknown; she is presumed dead in the Crucible's collapse.

Powers and Abilities

Misbelief is a telepath of fair power and skill. She is able to easily read the minds of others, and to delve deeply into their subconsciouses. She is also able to generate massive and extremely realistic illusions. Whether these physically exist, or are merely generated in the mind of her opponent is unclear.


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