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    Sam Scudder is a criminal and member of the Rogues.

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    This article is about the original and current Mirror Master, Sam Scudder. For the second Mirror Master, see Evan McCulloch.


    Little is known about Sam Scudder's origins. He became involved in crime at a young age. Incarcerated, he became obsessed with learning about and travelling into mirrors. Eventually succeeding, he used his mirror technology to create a new criminal persona, the Mirror Master. He joined up with the Rogues, and soon fell in love with Captain Cold's younger sister, Lisa. When Cold decided to merge the team with their weapons, Sam successfully gained powers, but became trapped in the Mirror World.


    Mirror Master was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He made his first appearance in The Flash #105.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    Mirror Master was initially introduced in this Age and remained relatively unchanged through most ages. In these appearances he had no superhuman powers or abilities and was entirely reliant on his mirror gun. There was also little mention of the Mirror World and he had no mastery over it.

    New 52

    The New 52 erased his death from continuity. He also gained metahuman powers.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Flash

    Mirror Master repeatedly clashes with the Flash, often while working in conjunction with the Rogues.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Mirror Master is among the villains who are sent to infiltrate Krona's lab in the distant past and prevent him from completing the experiment that will allow the Anti-Monitor to succeed. He fails, and is killed by Krona.

    Blackest Night

    Mirror Master is raised from the dead by a Black Lantern ring. He and his fellow dead Rogues attack Iron Heights. When the living Rogues arrive he fights the new Mirror Master, succeeding in trapping him in the Mirror World for a time. He is frozen along with the other dead Rogues while they are consumed with the paradox of the Reverse Flash.

    Gorilla Warfare

    Agreeing to join Glider's new iteration of the Rogues, Mirror Master is responsible for moving the train they steal into the Mirror World. When their plan is put on hold by the sudden gorilla invasion, he helps the team by bringing the gorillas' hostages and their projection equipment into the Mirror World. Later, Glider is able to pull him out of the Mirror World, but she falls into a coma as a result.

    Forever Evil

    Mirror Master and the Rogues are invited to join the Crime Syndicate's Secret Society of Super Villains, but they all decline upon seeing the devastation in Central City. He joins the team in trying to protect the unconscious Glider, but they are attacked at her hospital by Deathstorm and Power Ring. He helps the team flee through a window, but it is smashed while they are in transit, separating Cold from the rest of the group. Now in Metropolis, Mirror Master reluctantly takes control of the group. When they are attacked by villains in Metropolis he tries to help the team escape through the Mirror World, but finds that he has lost the control he once had over it. They end up in Gotham, where they are attacked by several factions of warring Gothamites. He allows himself and Trickster to be captured by the Royal Flush Gang, as they have taken Glider hostage. He forms an alliance with the police, and together they fight the Syndicate and the Gang. When Glider awakes, he creates a large mirror to entrap the Syndicate members in, which is then shattered.

    Race of Thieves

    Mirror Master is invited to take part in Roulette's Race of Thieves. He competes amicably with Catwoman, and is seen as a front-runner by those in the competition and those observing it. He comes in second to Catwoman.

    Rogues Reloaded

    Mirror Master and the rest of the Rogues plan their return to Central City for the heist of a lifetime. Utilizing a series of false leads, the Rogues trick the Flash into visiting a museum in Corto Maltese. It's here that Mirror Master utilizes one of his most advanced mirror-tricks yet; creating mirror-versions of the Rogues to keep Flash busy while the real Rogues are off causing chaos in Central City. Flash defeats the Mirror-Rogues but not before Mirror Master can escape and reunite with the rest of the Rogues.

    Alternate Versions

    Super Friends

    Mirror Master appears in an issue of this comic book, which is a spinoff of the television series

    Justice League Unlimited

    Mirror Master appears in an issue of this comic book, based on the television series of the same name.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Mirror Master appears alongside the Rogues as an escaped prisoner who agrees to side with Batman against Superman and the Regime.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mirror Master has complete control over mirrors and the Mirror World. He can create portals using any reflective surface, such as windows or ice, into which he, others, and objects may pass. He controls access to these portals, and is able to trap people in reflections. He is able to generate mirrors of varying size that he can then use for various effects; his mirrors can be used to project holograms or illusions, for communication, and to hypnotize or mentally affect people who pass through them, amongst other uses. He is also quite intelligent, as he was able to discover these properties in mirrors and to create the relevant weaponry on his own. He is a skilled thief.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Though he has metahuman abilities, Mirror Master continues to wield his Mirror Gun, which has powers more or less identical to his own inherent abilities.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Professional Criminal
    • Base of Operations: Central City

    Other Media


    Justice League: Doom

    Mirror Master appears as a member of Vandal Savage's Legion of Doom. He is sent to kill Flash, but fails. In the final battle, he fights Flash and is defeated. He is voiced by Alexis Denisof.


    Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show

    Mirror Master appears as the primary antagonist in the episode "Reflections in Crime." His voice actor is unknown

    The Flash (1990 TV series)

    Mirror Master appears as the antagonist in the episode "Done With Mirrors." This version of the character does not wield a mirror gun, instead relying on small mirrors that project holograms. He is portrayed by David Cassidy.

    Justice League Unlimited

    Mirror Master appears alongside several other Rogues in the episode "Flash and Substance," plotting to kill the Flash. He appears to share some traits with McCulloch. He is trapped in one of his own mirrors and shattered. He later makes a cameo appearance in "The Great Brain Robbery." He is voiced by Alexis Denisof.

    The Batman

    Mirror Master appears as an optical physicist who has an assistant, called Smoke. He makes his first appearance in "A Mirror Darkly," and later appears in "Lost Heroes." He is voiced by John Larroquette.

    The Flash

    Sam Scudder appears as an antagonist who gains inherent abilities related to mirrors following the accident at S.T.A.R. Labs. He makes his first appearance in the episode "The New Rogues." He is portrayed by Grey Damon.


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