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    A blaster created by Samuel Scudder that has been used by all versions of the character known as Mirror Master. It has a vast amount of illusion and transmutation based abilities.

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    The technology that eventually became the Mirror Gun was discovered by Samuel Scudder in The Flash #105.

    The first handheld version of the Mirror Gun technology was used by Samuel Scudder in The Flash #136.


    The weapon was created by the Flash villain known as Mirror Master (Scudder) during the Silver Age.

    While Samuel Scudder was working at a Mirror Factory while in prison he had used an incorrect mixture of chemicals while making the silvering paint that is used on mirrors. This chemical mixture ended up creating highly advanced and mysterious mirrors that held images of objects/people even after they had disappeared out of view from the mirror.

    Scudder would then use this discovery to create a wide variety of mirror based gadgets; his trademark gadget being a blaster known only as the Mirror Gun.

    The Mirror Gun uses four small mirrors near the barrel of the gun, these mirrors are coated by the same chemicals that Samuel Scudder mixed while in prison.

    The purpose of these mirrors are to reflect the light produced by the central processor. It was shown that Mirror Master (McCulloch) uses a central processor made by a company known as Kudzu Technology which is based in Singapore.

    Post Crisis

    After the death of Samuel Scudder during Crisis on Infinite Earths the equipment used by Mirror Master, including the Mirror Gun, were taken into custody by the American Government.

    This equipment was then given to Evan McCulloch who would eventually become the second Mirror Master. McCulloch would use the weapon and the various 'Mirror Technologies' in ways that were far more lethal than how Scudder used them.

    The New 52

    In the New 52 the gun was used by Samuel Scudder in the genome re-coder to mix his DNA with the weapons technology.

    The procedure went wrong; however, and Scudder was trapped in the Mirror World. Eventually Scudder was removed from the Mirror World and has been seen using the Mirror Gun throughout Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion.


    There are several different people within the DCU who have used the Mirror Gun.

    • Samuel Scudder - The creator of the weapon and the first Mirror Master in history.
    • Evan McCulloch - The second Mirror Master who was given the equipment from the Government.
    • Captain Boomerang - Captain Boomerang stole the equipment for a short period of time during his time with the Suicide Squad.
    • Mirror Man - A random thug from Gotham who was given the equipment by Penguin and joined a gang called the 'New Rogues'.
    • Replicant - The nephew (and adopted son) of Paul Gambi. He was fused with several of the Rogues weaponry; including the Mirror Gun, by a machine known as the Humanifold.


    • Illusion Casting - The Mirror Gun can create realistic light-based illusions. Examples of illusions made through this method would be a giant mosquito, a Minotaur, and even images of Mirror Master himself.
    • Dimensional Travel - The Mirror Gun allows Mirror Master to enter and travel through a world known only as the Mirror World. A strange alternate dimension that can be used to move through any and all reflective surfaces. It is also possible for Mirror Master to transport to other dimensions besides the Mirror World using his Mirror Gun
    • Transmutation - The Mirror Gun can be used to transmute objects into glass. It was used to turn Flash into a flattened version of himself.
    • Duplicate Creation - The Mirror Gun can create duplicates or body guards that reside in the Mirror World. They are highly resistant to physical damage, but seemingly weak to radiation.
    • Mirror Bolts - The Mirror Gun can fire bolts of light energy that Mirror Master has dubbed Mirror Bolts.
    • Dimensional Trapping - Mirror Master can use the Mirror Gun to teleport others into the Mirror World or other dimensions.

    In Other Media

    Justice League Doom

    The Mirror Master in JL Doom used a Mirror Gun but primarily used it to fire blasts similar to the Mirror Bolts. The gun's appearance was similar to the comic version, just slightly darker.

    Justice League Unlimited

    Mirror Master used the signature Mirror Gun in the episode "Flash and Substance". It had the same appearance as it's comic version and was used by Mirror Master to fire mirror bolts, create duplicates, and even trap Flash in the Mirror World for a short period of time.

    The Batman

    The Mirror Gun didn't make an appearance in it's traditional form; however, Mirror Master had incorporated the same technology used to make the Mirror Gun into his suit and to make a much larger, mounted version of the weapon.

    Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

    Mirror Master didn't use a blaster version of the weapon; however, he had handheld gadgets that resembled front end of the weapon (the four mirrors) that shot Mirror Bolts. This design is similar to the earlier designs seen in the Silver Age when the weapon was first making appearances.

    Super Friends

    Mirror Master used a simple pocket mirror instead of a blaster to the same effect as the Mirror Gun.


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