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    Paprika is a successful businesswoman, a New Yorker of Italian origin. Job and career consume her, forcing her to neglect her personal needs as well as her friends and family. Her heart is broken from a previous relationship and its consequences, and a rigid upbringing has made her a very introverted person. She wants a romantic relationship, but she doesn't know what she's doing. Not like Dill, a naïve and suave delivery boy with an angelic attitude, handsome, and always surrounded by beautiful women falling for him. He doesn't have a worry in the world, and this makes Paprika very nervous. But he's the guy who could help her with her feelings (and with... sex). Bridget Jones's Diary meets Sex and the City, with a pinch of The Devil Wears Prada in the new international hit by acclaimed creator MIRKA ANDOLFO (UNNATURAL, MERCY).

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover AMirka Andolfo1-31
    BCover BArtgerm32
    CCover CPeach MoMoKo33
    DNude Cover DMirka Andolfo29
    EBlank Sketch Variant Cover E (Pink)None34
    FCover F (Virgin)Artgerm35
    G1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover G (Virgin)Peach MoMoKo36
    H1:50 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover H (Line Art)Peach MoMoKo37
    I1:75 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover I (Virgin)Mirka Andolfo38
    J1:100 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover J (Line Art)Peach MoMoKo39
    REThe 616 Exclusive Variant Virgin Naughty CoverTula Lotay27
    REThe 616 Exclusive Variant Virgin Cover ARyan Kinnaird23
    REThe 616 Exclusive Variant Virgin Cover BRyan Kinnaird24
    REBig Time Collectables Exclusive Variant CoverAriel Diaz14
    REBig Time Collectables Exclusive Virgin Variant CoverAriel Diaz15
    REBird City Comics Exclusive Variant Virgin Nice CoverTula Lotay26
    REBlack Saber Comics Exclusive Variant CoverAndie Tong14
    REBlack Saber Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant CoverAndie Tong15
    RECollectors Choice Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMike Debalfo30
    RECollectors Choice Comics Exclusive Nude Virgin Variant CoverMike Debalfo7
    RELinebreakers Exclusive Virgin Variant CoverEkaterina Chesalova12
    RELinebreakers Exclusive Nude Virgin Variant CoverEkaterina Chesalova13
    REComic Kingdom of Canada Exclusive Variant Virgin Cover AInhyuk Lee5
    REComic Kingdom of Canada Exclusive Variant Virgin Cover BCarla Cohen11
    RECarnivore Comics Exclusive Variant Virgin CoverDerek Chew25
    REFrankie's Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMel Milton28
    RELeirix Nice Variant Virgin CoverLeirix Li20
    RELeirix Nice Variant Virgin CoverLeirix Li21
    RELeirix Nude Variant Virgin CoverLeirix Li22
    REMutant Beaver Comics Exclusive Variant CoverWill Jack3
    REOuter Limits Boro Comics Exclusive Variant Virgin CoverHal Laren8
    RESanctum Sanctorum Exclusive Variant CoverSaowee4
    RESlab City Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant CoverElias Chatzoudis10
    RETFAW Exclusive Variant CoverRian Gonzales6
    RETrinity Comics Exclusive Variant CoverIgor Lomov2
    REUnknown Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant CoverMiguel Mercado9
    REUnknown Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant Cover AMike Krome18
    REUnknown Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant Cover BMike Krome19
    2ndSecond Printing Variant CoverMirka Andolfo42


    none of this issue.


    none of this issue.


    none of this issue.


    none of this issue.

    Story Arcs

    none of this issue.

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