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    A species of near-humans.

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    Being a species of near-humans their basic structure was very similar to that of actual humans, with a few minor differences. Their skin colour was usually that of a green-yellow type, although in some cases their skin could be much paler and very much so resemble that of a humans skin tone. In some cases Mirialans also possessed a very bright purple coloured eye pigment, giving them an almost creepy look about the. They were a species that were very agile, graceful and flexible in nature, making them formidable foes. They also has unusual tattoos placed on their faces and hands.  

    Society And Culture

    Practising a primitive aspect of the Force, Mirialans were a very religious species, which is where their unique tattoos came in. They believed that each individuals choices influenced and contributed towards their destiny. They placed a repeated tattoo across their hands and faces that were individual to them, these signified a certain action, test or task that had been completed by the individual. These tattoos became a way to recognize how experienced, skilled or mature a Mirialan was.  

    Notable Mirialans

    Probably the two most famous Mirialans ever to have lived are the Jedi's Master Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee. At first Offee was padawan of Unduli, but eventually grew to be a Jedi Knight and teach a padawan of her own.

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