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 A woman whose clock caused time to rewind in her town, which started when she was able to connect to the Innocence within the clock. She is German, and twenty-five years old. She often feels inferior and useless, which caused her to be fired from all one hundred jobs she tried to work in. This contributes to her chronic depression. With the help of Allen and Lenalee, she became determined to be a useful Exorcist.

Her weapon is a disk called "Time Record" ( 刻盤 , "Time Record"), located on her right arm. When activated, it appears from her right arm and "slides" to her wrist. The disk has two green, glowing circles, with circles orbiting the center. With it, she can use the following techniques:

  • Time Recovery ( 時間回復 , Time Recovery): This sets up a time zone where anything on it will recover and heal automatically. When invoked, a giant clock face appears above the zone being affected; however, if damage is made to this clock face, Miranda will feel pain. This power is only temporary; once Miranda stops her power, all damage suffered earlier will return, as well as those suffered during the time that she used her Innocence. It cannot bring the dead back to life, nor did it have enough power to stop the download of the white ark. However, it was able to bring back the Akuma producing plant even after Lulubell had stolen it, although it was later said that Miranda's innocence couldn't erase time, only reverse it.
  • Time Out ( 時間停止 , Time Out): A defensive technique, which create a space where the time stops, negating any attack that comes into that.

She replaced Allen during their search for General Cross in Japan after he lost his Innocence in meeting Tyki Mikk. Miranda is the only Exorcist that controls a non-offensive anti-Akuma weapon, and often uses it even after she reaches her limit, but she still insists on keeping it active, implying that she can't let people suffer or die. Later, during the invasion of the Headquarters, she managed to temporarily prevent Lulubell from reclaiming the akuma egg, and bought her comrades enough time to destroy it. She was nearly killed by Lulubell for getting in the way, but she was saved by Allen.

Once the Level 4 akuma was killed by Cross, Lenalee and Allen, Miranda can be seen using her innocence to shield the survivors of the Fifth Lab, including Reever


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