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Kirk or Kirok
Kirk or Kirok
Miramanee was to marry the Medicine Chief of her village but everything changed when James Kirk arrived on her planet.  Kirk and his away team were visiting Miramanee's planet.  Everything was going fine but Kirk ended up deing the last one to beam out.  Just before he does however he has an accident that damages his memory.  
Kirk is found by Miramanee coming out of her temple.  She takes this as a sign that he is a god.  When Kirk saves the life of a young boy who drowned he all but proves to her people that he is.  Kirk becomes Kirok and Miramanee ends up marring him.  They fall in love.  Meanwhile the U.S.S. Enterprise on a pressing mission to stop an asteroid from hitting the planet is forced to leave their Captain behind not knowing where he is.  
Later, unable to stop the asteroid the Enterprise crew goes back to find Kirk in a last ditch effort to save him.  Things however have gotten bad for Kirk.  When a storm hits Kirk is expected to stop it becase of his status with the tribe.  Kirk cannot and the Medicine Chief convinces the tribe to stone Kirk and his wife.  The Enterprise finds Kirk and save him as well as restore his memory but they could not save his wife.  Miramanee died by trauma do to stoning as did her and Kirk unborn child.


Miramanee was created for the original Star Trek television show called the Paradise Syndrome.

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