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    A blind race of human-like sentients who see the world completely through the Force.

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    Being a humanoid species, the Miraluka were comparable to humans in almost every single physical way, having the similar biology and appearance of a human. However, this species lacked one thing that humans had, eyes, although they did have eye sockets. Their lack of eyes meant that they could not see in the traditional sense, a\s other species including humans would see. But due to the species being force-sensitive they had evolved around this disability, and created something else that was even more powerful than regular sight.

    The Miraluka used something of a force power, that would be known as force sight. This means that, their sight was dependant on the force and that they could envision things through the force. The Miraluka version of 'seeing' the outside world is much more powerful than any regular species, in that they can see minuscule things that the regular eyes would miss, amongst many other things that the human eye can not see. Whenever a Miraluka is around a Jedi or a Sith, they could visually see the force radiating off of the being, this was a powerful and useful thing to behold by other races.

    Due to their close humanoid physique, and almost identical appearance to humans, at times there was cross-breeding between baseline humans and the Miraluka. This interbreeding, however, could have serious and unknown difficulties in the offspring from the two species, so it was dangerous. However there are examples where this union of two species has been successful.

    Jedi/Sith Miraluka

    • Shoaneb Culu - A Jedi Knight.
    • Krynda Draay - A Human-Miraluka interbred Jedi Master.
    • Lucien Draay - A Human-Miraluka interbred Jedi Master and member of The Jedi High Council.
    • Jerbhen Hulis - A Jedi Knight.
    • Noab Hulis - A Jedi Knight.
    • Jerec - A Jedi Master who turned to the dark side.
    • Visas Marr - Dark Jedi who was redeemed by the fallen Jedi Knight, Meetra Surik.
    • Q'Anilia - A Jedi Master.
    • Sabla-Mandibu- A Jedi Master.

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