Character » Mirage appears in 10 issues.

    Mirage is a telepathic woman whom was imprisoned in Thunderbolt Mountain for violating the Superhuman Registration Act.

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    When Mindwave was imprisoned by the Thunderbolts, he began a telepathic conversation with fellow prisoners Caprice, Bluestreak, and Mirage. Mirage informed Mindwave that Penance had a violent dissociative episode and that most of the Thunderbolts were under stress. She also noted that Doc Samson, who was present in Thunderbolts Mountain, had some fascinating thoughts.

    Mirage was ordered not to focus on Samson, but she ignored her fellow prisoners to pry into his mind anyway, and this time he noticed her psychic probing. He used his pent-up rage to send some psychic feedback to her that stunned her painfully and broke the connection. Bulleseye killed Mirage and her allies in their cells by throwing scalpels into their heads.

    It is unknown at this time what connection, if any, Hellrazor has to these other prisoners of the Thunderbolts.


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