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    Mirage uses a gem that causes people to see elaborate illusions. He commits crimes while his victims are occupied fighting against these illusions. His crime wave brings him to the attention of Batman.

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    This is the page for the original Mirage, Mike as the Mirage.

    For the second Mirage, Miriam Delgado see Mirage of the Teen Titans.


    Little is known about Mirage past, outside his first name Mike.


    Mirage was created Gerry Conway and Don Newton.

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age / New Earth

    Mirage (New Earth)
    Mirage (New Earth)

    Mirage was a guy named Mike who could create illusions with a jewel which was later crushed by Batman. Then he was sent to prison where he created illusions with contacts in his eyes. He went to the Gotham carnival which was robbed by him. He give stolen money to his girlfriend, because her carnival was going down in business. Batman again stopped him and sent him to jail.

    Major Story Arcs


    Mirage also fought Manhunter once using his illusion so successfully, he nearly kills the bounty hunter.

    Death of Mirage

    Mirage is killed
    Mirage is killed

    Years later, he appeared on Halloween night when Bruno Mannheim asked him to join his Inter-gang. Mirage refused ano Bruno smashed his head in the Crime Bible several times. His body is sent to the kitchen to be prepared as a meal for Mannheim.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mirage and his illusion gem
    Mirage and his illusion gem

    Mirage has the powers:

    • Illusion Casting

    Mirage can create believable illusions in the minds of the people around him by using a gem of unknown origin.

    • Power Item

    The gem affects both the optical and audio receptors that make the illusions seem real.


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