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    Mirage has the ability to cast illusions and was at one time believed to come from the future. She currently helps the Teen Titans out occasionally, but prefers to care for her daughter Julienne.

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    This is the page for the second Mirage, Miriam Delgado, a member of the Teen Titans.

    For the original Mirage, Mike see Mirage.


    Miriam Delgado (Mirage) was abused ever since she was a little girl by her own father, causing Miriam to be traumatized against men. Miriam would also become one of the youngest women to have ever joined the resistance against Lord Chaos. Part of the reasons that she was able to join so young was because of her great powers. Along with them was the ability to change her appearance to anyone she wanted. This ability gained Lord Chaos' attention leading to Miriam's capture and torture in both mental and physical ways by Lord Chaos.


    Mirage was created by Marv Wolfman , Paris Cullins, Curt Swan, and Tom Grummett.

    Character Evolution

    Modern Age / New Earth

    The future origin of Mirage starts 10 years into the future. In this time line the villain known as Lord Chaos reigns the world with tyranny. Battalion is the second in command of a team named " Team Titans". These Titans were created to defeat Lord Chaos and restore the peace and freedom of the world. This time line was proven false.

    Major Story Arcs

    Team Titans

    Besides torturing Mirage, Lord Chaos was also able to brainwash her and use her as her newest soldier of his Force Elite. While Mirage was a member of the Force Elite, she proved thanks to her powers to be the best soldier for the spy missions. However, one day she would be freed from that brain control. That was the day that Lord Chaos sent her to spy one of the camps from the rebellion. Thanks to the fact that she formerly worked with the rebellion as a member, the brain control started to lose power, giving Mirage the ability to break free from the brainwashing. After breaking the brain control, she once again became a member of the rebellion.

    Soon after that she joined the Team Titans, a team that was considered as a resistance force against Lord Chaos's reign. Mirage met the Nightwing of the future (it was later revealed that he wasn't a future version of Dick Grayson) and started a romantic relationship with him.

    Back to the Past

    One day the leader of the Team Titans decided to undertake a risky mission; the Team Titans would travel 10 years into the past to kill Donna Troy in an attempt to stop Lord Chaos from being born. This had to be done before Donna Troy was able to give birth to her son (The future Lord Chaos).

    The first part of the mission was successful and the team of the future (Team Titans) were able to go back to the past before Donna Troy gave birth to Robert Long. When the Team Titans tried to kill Donna Troy, they encountered the team of Titans from the present (the new Teen Titans) and fought them.

    However before the two teams fought each other, Miriam Delgado changed her appearance to that of Starfire and used it to have one night of sex with the young Dick Grayson (Nightwing). Before the Team Titans could kill Donna Troy, she gave birth to her son. Although the mission appeared to have failed, the Teen Titans and the Team Titans were able to both stop the future of Lord Chaos and prevent the death of Donna Troy. After the mission was accomplished, the Team Titans were trapped in the past, with no way to return home. Without any options, they decided to stay in that era until they could find a way to go back. In an ironic twist, they accepted Donna Troy's offer to live in her farmhouse in the city of New Jersey. After that, they decided to investigate this timeline and find where they belonged .

    Soon after this, the man that Mirage thought that was an older version of Dick Grayson also traveled to the past and reunited with Miriam. The evil version of Raven soon decided to use the body of Nightwing as a host for the Trigon seed. As a result, this Nightwing was corrupted and became aggressive. This led to a new codename for himself, Deathwing. It was also discovered at this time that Deathwing wasn't really a future version of Dick Grayson but a completely different person. Deathwing also went to where Mirage was living and raped her, causing Miriam to become pregnant.

    Zero Hour

    In this time crisis was revealed that the real leader of the Team Titans was the being known as Monarch (Previously known as Hawk). The Team Titans were actually being that were from a false future created by Monarch who wanted to have sleeper agents that would serve him as assassins in order to help him to rule the entire timeline. That future also had another purpose. It would help Monach to train young meta-humans and have a bigger and more powerful army against the heroes of all generations.

    Monarch (Now as Extant) absorbed the power of Waverider and used it to take advantage of the incoming time crisis. Using the army that he created, along with the Team Titans, he attacked the world's heroes who wanted to stop the time crisis.

    However Extant's plan was unsuccessful and the Team Titans were defeated by the Earth's heroes. At the same moment, time started to collapse. This made all the parallel and false timelines erased from existence. As another result the Team Titans were erased from history and disappeared. The only three team titans members that weren't erased were Terra II, Mirage (who was actually a runaway street urchin from Brazil) and Deathwing because it was revealed that they were from the present timeline and that Extant had taken them from there, erasing their memories to make them part of his army.

    A Titan

    Terra and Mirage remained members of a new Titans team, led by Arsenal. Shortly after the team was reformed, a strange orb appeared, with messages for Mirage and Terra.

    The orb was sent by the Time Trapper, who revealed that Mirage, Deathwing and Terra were from this time line, not an alternate time line, as they had thought, which is why they survived the zero hour crisis. Mirage was actually a runaway street urchin from Brazil. Mirage had been implanted with false memories by the Time Trapper and turned into a "sleeper agent" who would fight the villainous Monarch in the coming Zero Hour event.

    The Titans then encountered their old foe, Psimon, after reforming the team. Psimon revealed that Mirage had much untapped power, including psionic abilities. These abilities have surfaced on a few occasions, but Mirage has yet to explore the full extent of them.

    Mirage's pregnant

    The Titans eventually came into conflict with Raven once again, now reborn as an evil avatar of Trigon. During this conflict, Mirage was captured by Deathwing, who took a sadistic interest in his unborn child. During the ensuing battle where the dark version of Raven was at last expunged, it appeared that Mirage had a miscarriage.

    In truth, Mirage was still pregnant and used her illusion abilities to make it appear otherwise. While a Titan, Mirage began to develop romantic feeling for Arsenal, but he appeared oblivious to her flirtations. Mirage eventually went into labor while the Titans were off-world on another mission. She gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Julienne. Mirage then elected to spend time with her baby, and shortly after that, the Titans disbanded.

    Mirage aided the Titans again during the Technis Imperative conflict, which involved the Justice League as well as all Titans, past and present. The two teams eventually worked together to save the earth and former Titans teammate, Victor Stone (Cyborg). Mirage aids the Titans when needed, but devotes much of her time as a mother to Julienne.

    The Lost Year

    Mirage was one member of the Teen Titans during "the lost year" after Infinite Crisis. However she left the team.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mirage has the powers of:

    • Illusion Casting / Shape Shifter

    Mirage has the ability to alter her appearance by casting illusions. She has used these abilities mostly for subterfuge, but has also learned she can project illusions from a distance as well - an ability she is still learning to control.

    • Psionic

    Mirage's powers have great unrealized potential; During a conflict with Psimon, some new psionic abilities were unlocked. This psionic abilities have yet to be fully cataloged.

    • Unarmed Combat

    Thanks to the fact that Mirage has fought as a soldier in Lord Chaos' army and that she has also been trained by Battalion, she is a very good hand to hand combat.

    Other Version

    Teen Titans Go! (2004)

    Mirage appears in issue of Teen Titans Go! #48 called Wrong Place, Wrong Time.


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