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    When Doctor McCarthy speaks the trigger word "Kimota," she becomes the super-being Miraclewoman.

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    Miraclewoman was created by nazi super genius Dr. Gargunza like Miracleman, Kid Miracleman and Young Miracleman as well as their "villain" Young Nastyman. She was born a homeless teenage girl who was kidnapped by Gargunza who had begun fusing human beings to the DNA of aliens called the Qys. All of Gargunza's creations would simply say a magical word then their human body would cross into limbo while their superpowered personas would take their place or vice virsa. Like all the miracle people they were under a state of suspended animation where all their adventures from the 1950s adventures were simply a simulation based on adventures of the Marvel Family. Unlike the others her simulations involved her constantly being gagged and bonded while her real body was sexually assaulted by Gargunza.

    Miraclewoman served different purposes with Gargunza's hope she and a member of the Miracleman family would mate and leave him a body he can take over. Soon Young Nastyman hopelessly insane escapes his capture and MIraclewoman is sent to retrieve him but when she searches for him she discovers the virtual reality training and Gargunza's treatment of her. Mirarclewoman does find Young Nastyman and reveals the nature of their origins she feels sorry for him and says they can both escape Gargunza but she is attacked by Young Nastyman the two battle over a volcano where they both fall in and are believed dead. This was the catalyst of the attempted execution of the Miracleman family some time later.

    Miraclewoman in fact survives the battle and uses her apparent death to lead the life of a doctor under the name McCarthy. Years later when Mike Moran becomes Miracleman again she discovers the alien beings that they were created from the Qys, have come to Earth to capture Miracleman and his child with his human wife Winter. She saves Miracleman's wife from being killed Liz and reveals herself to him. She becomes his ally afterwards and begin to become attracted to each other. She suggest the end of a intergalactic cold war between the Qys and the Warpsmiths by telling them to have sex with each other since the meeting between two alien cultures can be violent or erotic and embracing sex will not harm either. Miraclewoman even helps Miracleman and the Warpsmiths against the psychotic Kid Miracleman who has murdered thousands and destroyed London.

    Soon after Liz Moran leaves Miracleman Miraclewoman becomes Miracleman's lover the two have sexual relations while flying above the sky where many all over the world sees. She and Miracleman along with the Warpsmiths, Miracledog aka Underdog, Big Ben, Firedrake and Miracleman's daughter Winter become the rulers of earth and their Gods on Olympus (Their fortress in the UK). They absolve currency and are worshiped while many religion are founded in their name.

    The relationship between Miracleman and Miraclewoman may not be monogamous or it is unfaithful as she develops a romantic and sexual relationship with a lonely man who lives and works at a windmill. After many visits she asks him why he is alone and he responds that he could never find anyone as perfect and beautiful as her she responds by transforming into her normal body and tells him that all women are goddesses in their own right the two then have sex while in her normal body the man eventually reconciles with his wife and Miraclewoman's relationship to him appears to end.

    She is their with Miracleman and all the others on Olympus as they resurrect Young Miracleman he finds it troubling learning of his true origins and the fate of Kid Miracleman he also may have some disdain for Miraclewoman offended by her revealing costume she adopted (a possible allusion to his sexism towards her in the simulation and his apparent delight when the Miracleman family believed her dead). She comes to believe that Young Miracleman is gay and in love with Miracleman and she tells MIracleman to pursue those apparent feelings. Miracleman kisses Young Miracleman to which he responds in anger attacking Miracleman and leaving Olympus. Afterwards Miracleman comes to speak to Miraclewoman about the situation. Due to Eclipse Comics bankruptcy and the legal feud over the rights to Miracleman and all related characters an ending has yet to be resolved but the character may now be owned by Marvel Comics since they bought the rights Miracleman renamed MarvelMan. Miraclewoman's discomfort when Miracleman confronts her can possibly be interpreted that she doesn't want to talk to him and it can be assumed that she manipulated Miracelman or that he had an attraction to Young Miracleman as well.


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