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    Volume » Published by Eclipse. Started in 1985.

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    Alan Moore's revamp of the classic British hero Marvelman, who was kind of like Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Shazam). Miracleman is one of his works celebrated for pushing the comic book medium into a more mature level of writing -- not just in content, but subject matter and structure. After 16 issues, writing of the series was passed on to Neil Gaiman.

    When the series was in print, there were four trades collecting the main series:

    1. Miracleman: A Dream of Flying (#1-3)
    2. Miracleman: The Red King Syndrome (#4-10)
    3. Miracleman: Olympus (#11-16)
    4. Miracleman: The Golden Age (#17-22)

    Miracleman: Apocrypha is a side series with stories by other creative teams.

    The series was kept out of print for decades due to many legal issues around ownership of the characters, but Marvel acquired the rights to the series and began reprinting it, starting in 2014.


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