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Eclipse comics presents the long awaited return of the legendary Miracleman! And it's written by Alan Moore! Not familiar with him you say?? Well, read on.
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The Story:  
 Beneath a sweet cover by Gary Leach our story opens in 1956 as young Johnny Bates on his way home to the orphanage he calls home is forced to assume his alternate identity as Kid Miracleman to combat the legions of the Science Gestapo, who have traveled back through time from the future war-torn  world of 1981 to conquer the primitive world of 1956.  Powerful as Kid Miracleman is he is soon nearly overwhelmed by sheer numbers and so at super-speed he seeks out Dicky Dauntless.
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Once Dicky has been appraised of the situation he shouts out the name of his hero, Miracleman, and is instantly transformed into Young Marvelman! They return to battle the Science Gestapo who have swelled to about 5,000 strong. They tear through this massive Army but find they cannot keep the enemy down, they question one trooper and are told of simultaneous attacks taking place all over the world.
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Next, we journey elsewhere where we find Micky Moran, who utters the secret key harmonic of the universe to become Miracleman! Arriving on the scene to assist his young friends he helps them subdue the remaining troops, and dispatches them to get other major cities under control. After failed attempts on several fronts the Miracleman family decide the best way to stop the Invasion is to make a preemptive strike in 1981.They arrive in the future and destroy the machines before they leave. And Then the story begins..
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The Good:  
    Alan Moore takes the UK's version of the Marvel Family on a ride You will Never Forget. I thought the Art here was perfect for the stories varying tones. I just started re-reading this series for the first time all the way through, and cannot wait to re-read the few issues I have already encountered. Obviously a great primer for Marvelman as well.
The Bad:   
    Some issues of this series are very rare, and can be near impossible to find. 
The Verdict: 5/5
    As anyone who has read or heard of this series will tell you it is well worth tracking down. The writing and art are fantastic throughout. And while Marvel's Marvelman Family reprints are cool, this is a chance to see the characters handled by some of the best in the business in stories that make you recognize their actual (Full) potential. The series reads very much like a top-shelf early Vertigo book.
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