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Minute Men

Minute Men In Comics
Minute Men In Comics

It is thought the minutemen took their name from Colonial Militia who set up a group of select men who would rapidly responded to any threat quickly. The Minutemen were formed in 1939 by Captain Metropolis, an ex-marine who wanted to put his skills as a soldier to good use, Along with Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter, who wanted to seek out fame, instead of working as a dancer and her agent Laurence Schexnayder, who would later marry her) the group consisted of eight crime fighters, Silhouette (Ursula Zandit, an openly lesbian Austrian Jew), Mothman (Byron Lewis, a Connecticut-born self-made millionaire), Dollar Bill (Bill Brady, a god-fearing, ex-college athlete), Nite Owl (Hollis Mason, ex-policeman and the most well-adjusted of the group), The Comedian (Edward Blake, a self-trained, violent and brutal vigilante) and the Hooded Justice (suspected to be Rolf Müller, a German circus strongman). During the forties, despite their different and colourful personalities and opinions, each of the heroes showed integrity, skill, and bought a sense of justice to a post-war America.

Lasting for just under a year before this fairy tale team began to split, it all started in 1940 at the hands of The Comedian. After their first photo shoot, Sally Jupiter left temporarily to change out of her costume but was attacked and almost raped by the Comedian if the Hooded Justice hadn't stopped the Comedian. Laurence convinced Sally not to press charges for the benefit of the group, and the Comedian was forced to leave. A fake relationship between Sally and Rolf was leaked to the press to cover up the real relationship, between Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice. The seven members continued crime fighting, despite the loss.

It all started to end with the death of Silhouette, killed next to her lesbian lover, followed by Dollar Bill dying the same year in 1946. Soon, after the Minute Men began to be questioned by the House of Un-American Activities Committee, Sally Jupiter took this chance to retire and married her agent and the Hooded Justice vanished, rumoured to have been killed by The Comedian in retaliation for the humiliating beating that was given to him when he attempted to rape Sally. The remaining four members decided to disband in 1949. After the team disbanded Mothman began to break down, mainly in part due to the questioning by Un-American Activities Committee, turning to alcohol as a comfort and soon was placed in sanatorium in New England. In 1974 Captain Metropolis was beheaded in a car accident and then came the final blow During Halloween of 1985, when Hollis Mason, who had written a book about his time as the first Nite Owl, and publicly announced the attempted rape of Sally by The Comedian, was beaten to death in his own home by a group of gang members, believing him to have been the one that attacked some of their own.

As of the events of Watchmen, only two remaining members of the Minutemen are left alive and one is missing, Sally is a retired mother to the new Silk Spectre, Mothman is locked away and the Hooded Justice is considered missing, but presumed dead.

Watchmen movie

Minutemen in the movie
Minutemen in the movie

The Minute Men appeared in the 2009 movie "The Watchmen", directed by Zack Snyder. The Minutemen appeared for only a short moment in the film, during the rape scene between Sally and Comedian, and also at the start of the film, where we are shown the fates of a few of the Minutemen: Mothman, Dollar Bill, and the Silhouette most notably. Listed below are those who played the Minutemen.

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