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    The enformers of the Trust who were responsible for policing all thirteen families. Their role was to maintain the status quo. Acting as judge, jury and executioner, they settled disputes in blood.

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    The Minutemen were created by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso for the 100 Bullets series.


    The Atlantic City Minutemen consisted of Cole Burns (the Wolf), Milo Garret (the Bastard), Wylie Times (the Point Man), Lono (the Dog), Victor Ray (the Rain), Jack Daw (the Monster), and Remi Rome (the Saint).

    Agent Graves lead the group and Mr. Shepherd acted as a liason to The Trust.

    Later, Graves would set events in motion that would lead to the training and eventual recruitment into the Minutemen of Dizzy Cordova and Loop Hughes to replace Minutemen who had died.

    Reactivating the Minutemen

    When the Minutemen's deaths needed to be faked, their memories were hypnotically taken away and the Atlantic City Minutemen came to take on new lives, completing forgetting their pasts except there was one word that could reactivate them: Croatoa.

    Lono was the only Minuteman to never be deactivated and so he had his Minuteman persona all along. Victor Ray was the first one Agent Graves activated, just before the 100 Bullets story opened (found out later in the series). Cole Burns was the first Minuteman reactivated within the series (second overall) when Graves deceived a man who was going to kill Cole into saying "Croatoa" before he did the deed.

    Milo Garret was the third Minuteman reactivated when he read the word Croatoa on a painting while doing some detective work for Megan Dietrich, after his memory returned he seemingly committed suicide and let Lono kill him, Lono didn't realize what he had done as Milo's face was bandaged. Wylie Times was the fourth Minuteman reactivated when Graves talks with a trumpet player who later tells Wylie the name of the song he had been playing "Blue Day for Croatoa".

    Jack Daw was the fifth Minuteman activated, only unlike the rest of them, Graves didn't appear to have a hand in it and rather it was Lono, who had tattooed the word "Croatoa" on his abdomen. Remi Rome was the last Minuteman awoken when Graves had Croatoa written in the snow on his vehicle.


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