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The Fawcett Years


Minute Man
Minute Man
Jack Weston longed for being more useful to than a normal army private. While being stationed at the army’s , Jack trains himself to the pinnacle of human perfection. Donning a patriotic costume, Jack becomes “A One Man Army” to fight enemy agents as Minute Man. His identity as an undercover patriot is known to General Milton, who sends Jack on unsanctioned missions.

DC: A Life Too Short


Minute Man and Starman
Minute Man and Starman

In Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths,  Jack Weston continued to be one of the Mystery Men of World War II.  He was among a small group of heroes of the 1940s called upon by the wizard Shazam to aid in his fight against his daughter Blaze and the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Blaze was defeated and Shazam contained the Seven within ridiculous containment shells. Little was seen of Jack Weston as Minute Man after that, however, we know he survived the War as he appeared in Fawcett City. Well into his golden years, Jack, along with Jim Barr and Alan Armstrong, appeared on Whiz Radio to reiterate a battle with Captain Nazi towards the end of WWII.

Jack was still involved in governmental affairs when Jim Barr sought him out to help clear his name. Old newsreel footage turned up implicating Bulletman conspiring with Nazis in sinking the Normandie ocean liner in . Jim was actually on a secret assignment in with the golden age Starman when Normandie had sunk. Jim sought out Jack, who issued the assignment, in hopes he would be released from his oath of secrecy. This would enable him to reveal details of his secret mission in order to establish his alibi. Jack was supposedly shot by Neo-Nazi, thus preventing this from happening. However, Jim was cleared of charges despite this when the true saboteur, Laslo the Poser, stepped up and told the truth.



Jack, along with his children and grandchildren, are killed their sleep by an unknown assassin at their home in Clearwater, Florida. As Minute Man, Jack was one of three patriotic superhero bloodlines (alongside of Mr. America and General Glory) wiped out by the efforts of Vandal Savage and the Fourth Reich. Savage was attempting to stop the regular occurrence of relatives assuming the patriotic identities of their loved ones.

Skills and Abilities


With no super-abilities, Jack possessed the peak physical strength and endurance of a man of his age that participates in regular intense exercise. He’s a combat veteran with superb hand-to-hand combat skills with a vast knowledge of military weaponry. Jack is also a skilled tactician, strategist and well versed in espionage. His governmental connections provide him with certain degree of access to a variety of resources at his fingertips.

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