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The Minotaur is a gigantic beast that attacks the Avengers during a trap set by the Mole Man. The Mole Man sends a robot to the Avenger's training facility and relays a message that the Hulk can be found in the desert. Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye respond to the message and head towards the desert area where the Hulk helped the Avengers fight off the Lava Men a few months earlier.

The Mole Man activates his trap and the Avengers fall through the desert floor and land into a bottomless chasm. The Minotaur attacks the Avengers but is subdued when his horns are deeply imbedded into a large boulder. The Avengers confront the Mole Man but he escapes during the fight.

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The Minotaur also appeared during Deadpool: The Gauntlet defending Greece. Starting as a statue he sensed great evil coming from the casket Deadpool was transporting(which contained Shiklah), and after being insulted by Deadpool he tried to destroy both the casket and Deadpool. The Minotaur and Deadpool engage in a fight and a chase which Deadpool escaped after the Minotaur fell in a river

Powers and Abilities:

The Minotaur has superhuman strength and durability.


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