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    Just like her boyfriend, Minnie is brave and she won't hesitate to help Mickey in his adventures. She is recognized as one of Disney's most famous and influential characters.

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    Minerva (Minnie) Mouse comes from a family of four mice, Her father Marcus Mouse, Her mother Margie Mouse, Minnie and Her sister Mandie Mouse. Her best friend is Daisy Duck and it is well known that she is Mickey's girlfriend. She is also friends with Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and Clarabelle Cow. Minnie also has a large extended family. She is often seen in a red polka dot dress that is in similar style to that of a flapper girl from the 20s. Minnie is loved by all of those around her for her kind and generous nature.


    Minnie was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks for her first ever debut on film inside the classic 'Plane Crazy' in 1929. In terms of comic books, Minnie was popularized during the 1930's in newspaper strips including 'Mickey Mouse and Friends'. Finally, Western publishing granted the manufacturing of a Disney comic book, with the status of the newspaper strips becoming totally iconic. One of the most well known of Disney artists to work on these projects was Floyd Gottfredson; added to the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006. She has also appeared in the 2006 Kingdom Hearts Comic Book Series.

    Other Media


    Minnie Mouse has appeared in many TV shows over the years helping to bridge the gap between parents and children all over the world. Recently, Minnie has been the star of her own series of cartoon shorts, called Minnie's Bow-Toons.


    Minnie has starred in many movies along side of her friends from the time of her conception in 1929. Everything from Christmas movies to Fairy tales.

    Video Games

    Minnie has appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series and in other Disney series. She is even in a Disney version of DDR. Minnie was also a playable character in the Magical Quest video games. She was available in the original SNES version of The Great Circus Mystery, and was playable in the Gameboy Advance remakes of the first two Magical Quest games.


    Minnie Mouse has appeared in the following cartoons:

    Plane Crazy(1928)

    The Gallopin Gaucho (1928)

    Steamboat Willie (1928)

    The Barn Dance (1929)

    The Opry House (1929) (cameo in a poster)

    When the Cat's Away (1929)

    The Plowboy (1929)

    The Karnival Kid (1929)

    Wild Waves (1929)

    Mickey's Follies (1929)

    Mickey's Choo-Choo (1929)

    The Cactus Kid (1930)

    The Fire Fighters (1930)

    The Shindig (1930)

    The Gorilla Mystery (1930)

    The Picnic (1930)

    Pioneer Days (1930)

    The Birthday Party (1931)

    Traffic Troubles (1931)

    The Delivery Boy (1931)

    Mickey Steps Out (1931)

    Blue Rhythm (1931)

    The Barnyard Broadcast (1931)

    The Beach Party (1931)

    Mickey Cuts Up (1931)

    Mickey's Orphans (1931)

    The Grocery Boy (1932)

    Barnyard Olympics (1932)

    Mickey's Revue (1932)

    Musical Farmer (1932)

    Mickey in Arabia (1932)

    Mickey's Nightmare (1932)

    The Whoopee Party (1932)

    Touchdown Mickey (1932)

    The Wayward Canary (1932)

    The Klondike Kid (1932)

    Parade of the Award Nominees (1932)

    Building a Building (1933)

    Mickey's Pal Pluto (1933)

    Mickey's Mellerdrammer (1933)

    Ye Olden Days (1933)

    The Mail Pilot (1933)

    Mickey's Mechanical Man (1933)

    Mickey's Gala Premiere (1933)

    Puppy Love (1933)

    The Pet Store (1933)

    The Steeple Chase (1933)

    Shanghaied (1934)

    Camping Out (1934)

    Mickey's Steamroller (1934)

    Orphan's Benefit (1934)

    The Dognapper (1934) (Appears in a picture)

    Two Gun Mickey (1934)

    On Ice (1935)

    Mickey's Rival (1936)

    Hawaiian Holiday (1937)

    Boat Builders (1938)

    The Brave Little Tailor (1938)

    The Fox Hunt (1938)

    Mickey's Surprise Party (1939)

    The Standard Parade (1939)

    The Little Whirlwind (1941)

    The Nifty Nineties (1941)

    Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Firing Line (1942)

    Mickey's Birthday Party (1942)

    First Aiders (1944)

    Bath Day (1946)

    Figaro and Frankie (1947)

    Mickey's Delayed Date (1947)

    Pluto's Sweater (1949)

    Pluto and the Gopher (1950)

    Crazy Over Daisy (1950)

    Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952)

    Mickey Mouse Club (1955)

    Four Tales on a Mouse (1958)

    The Mouse Factory (1972)

    Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)

    Totally Minnie (1988)

    Mickey's 60th Birthday (1988)

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) (Brief cameo appearance)

    Disney's Twelve Days of Christmas (1993)

    Mickey's Fun Songs (1994)

    Runaway Brain (1995)

    Mickey Mouse Works (1999)

    House of Mouse (2001)

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006)

    Have a Laugh (2009)

    Minnie's Bow-Toons (2011)

    Mickey Mousekersize (2011)

    Electric Holiday (2012)

    Get a Horse! (2013)

    Mickey Mouse (2013)

    Mickey and the Roadster Racers (2017)

    Mickey's 90th Spectacular (2018)


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