Minister Blizzard

    Character » Minister Blizzard appears in 21 issues.

    A radical environmentalist determined to bring on another ice age.

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    Minister Blizzard was the Prime Minister of a hidden kingdom called Iceberg Land, encased by snow.  He concocted a plot that would freeze New York City, and managed to manipulate the young Princess Snowinia into aiding him.  When Snowinia realizes Minister Blizzard's true intentions, she is captured by the madman.  He is eventually defeated and imprisoned by Wonder Woman and the Holliday Girls.  He later escapes prison and attacks Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, but is subsequently defeated once again.
    Allying himself with other cold-themed villains, Captain Cold and Icicle, Minister Blizzard created a miniature Ice Age in South America.  The trio was hired by the Shadow-Thief, though they were defeated by the Flash, Green Arrow, and Black Canary in Gotham City.
    Post-Crisis, Minister Blizzard appears alongside several other villains who have been banded together by Circe.  He expresses disdain at Cheetah being considered Wonder Woman's greatest enemy.  He, along with the other villains, are defeated by the Justice League.  A future version of Minister Blizzard appears alongside Cheetah and other villains during the Camelot Falls arc of Superman.

    Other versions

    • Minister Blizzard appears in Justice League Adventures alongside other ice-themed villains including Mister Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Icicle, and others.  They called themselves the Cold Warriors.
    • Minister Blizzard also appears in the Superfriends comic series as a member of the Ice Pack, with members Mister Freeze, Captain Cold, Icicle, Blue Snowman, and Killer Frost.  He is the first defeated by the Superfriends, as his ego gets the best of him.

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