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    Jarras Minion's planet was destroyed,he escaped with the Omegadrome armor. He came to earth as a Pacifist, his desire for revenge was relaxed when he met the Teen Titans. He gave his Armor to Cyborg.

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    The planets known as Kallas and Talyn have been in war ever since they were able to travel to space. This war had taken so many thousands of years that no one really remembered who had been the first to attack. However years later they would decide to make agreements to let the peace between the two of them finally return because too many beings had died in that senseless war. One of the others thing they did was to enginer every being on their planet to grant the peace between the two planets.

    Destroy of Talyn and Kallas

    Some time later both planets along their entire star sistem would be destroyed by a mysterious energy force.

    The end of the world Talyn was imminent and the aliens from that world couldn't do anything more than witness in horror how their world started to die.

    However fate had other plans for the joung teenager from Talyn named Jarras Minion. Jarras Minion's mom would decide to send her only son in a battle suit named "The Omegadrome" to save Jarras Minion from the fate of their planet.

    The Omegadrome was apparently a battle suit that was designed by both of Jarras Minion's parents. The Omegadrome grants its user great strength and also has the abilitie to mold it as the user wishes.

    Thanks to the fact that Jarras Minion was fused with the battle suit known as the Omegadrome he was able to escape his homeworld before it met it's end. That day would change Jarras Minion's life forever. He not only had the Omegadrome and had his planet destroyed, it also would change his attitude that was originally very peacefull into a man that wanted only vengeance against the mysterious force that destroyed his homeworld.


    Thanks to his quest he would find the world known as Earth. It was there that he would discover who was responsible for his planet's horrible destiny. Apparently the man responsible for everything that had happened to Jarras Minion was no one else than the genius and former enemy of the Teen Titans known as Psimon.

    Jarras Minion had discovered this just a few days before Psimon had made his return to Earth. The reason behind Psimon's retun was because just like Jarras Minion he was seeking vengeance. Psimon's first targets would be Mammoth, Gizmo and Shimmer, his former teammates in the Fearsome Five.

    It was after Psimon was able to have his revenge on his former teamates that he would go against his former enemies the Teen Titans. Part of his revenge against them was to torture them using his psychological powers against them. However this didn't turn out well because it unlocked the true potential of the member known as Mirage, giving her new abilities.

    Pay Back Time

    Jarras Minion would arrive on Earth at the same time that Psimon was fighting the Teen Titans. Jarras Minion would decide to fight along the Teen Titans to defeat his enemy Psimon. Thanks to the combined might of the Titans, the new powers of Mirage and the help of Jarras Minion, Psimon would be defeated.

    Although at first Jarras Minion wanted to kill Psimon because of all the things he had done to him in the past, r he was soon persuaded to not do it thanks to the Teen Titan Donna Troy. After this Psimon would be in the custody of the intergalatic team known as the Darkstars.

    Family Reunion

    Soon after this Minion would go on a trip around the galaxy. Having no home or family he felt completely alone and still wanted to kill Psimon. However those wishes would soon disappear.

    He would later discover that his father had somehow survived the destruction of its homeworld and was somewhere in the galaxy.

    However before he was able to find his father, Jarras Minion would be summoned by the being known as Phantasm to help the Teen Titans against their former teammate and now evil being, Raven. Apparently during that time Raven had been planting something called "the seeds of Trigon's unborn children" into the body of various metahumans around the world.

    Jarras Minion would agree to help Phantasm to fight Raven and her allies along with the rest of the Teen Titans.

    Teen Titans

    It was after this mission that Minion would be offered membership into the Teen Titans, an offer that he gladly accepted.

    However nothing lasts forever, so Jarras Minion would leave the Teen Titans soon after he joined, in part because he found it dificult to adapt to a human life on Earth.

    Sometime later the evil Raven would appear once again, this time creating a conflict in the star system of Tamaran, the Vegan. It was during this confrontation that Starfire's homeworld Tamaran would be destroyed. At the same time the Teen Titans were able to defeat and destroy the evil side of Raven making her a pure spirit with a golden appearance.

    A New Journey

    It was after this events that the now pure spirit Raven, Garfield Logan (Beast Boy/Changenling) and Jarras Minion would decide to stay in space and travel along Victor Stone ( Cyborg/Cyberion) around space.

    It was also this time that Jarras Minion would start to feel fear because of all the control that Victor Stone (Cyborg/Cyberion) had over the tecnology, along with the new attitude that Victor Stone (Cyborg/Cyberion) had ever since he was fused with the technis. It was this what lead Jarras Minion to explore the galaxy alone.

    However before Jarras Minion left, Raven, Gar Logan (Beast Boy/ Changeling), and Victor Stone (Cyborg/Cyberion) he would give Victor Stone (Cyborg/Cyberion) the omegadrome. Thanks to this gife of Jarras Milton, now Victor Stone (Cyborg/Cyberion) would be able to recreate the reign of the technis and populate it any way he wanted.

    Powers & Abilities

    Minion himself had no superpowers but his Omegadrome battlesuit is a weapon be to reckoned with. Minion is cybernetically bonded with the Omegadrome, allowing transformations to be triggered via thought. The chassis itself had adaptive morphing capabilities, allowing it to take any shape or form, generate weaponry with massive firepower and even siphon the energies of enemies to weaken them in battle. Minion usually took the form of a muscular, hulking, platinum behemoth. Minion also morphed the suit to use as a spaceship, capable of light speed travel. The suit's armor coating is virtually indestructible.

    Minion gave up the battlesuit to Cyberion (Cyborg).


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