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    Two people, a man and woman, are reduced to only six inches in height by a scientist who wants to use them to commit crimes for him. Driven insane by the process their names are forgotten and are called by the scientist MiniMidget and Ritty. Soon however Minimidget rebels against the mad doctor and kills him by stabbing them in the neck with a needle, soon after that MiniMidget is apparently killed when he encounters a mouse trap. However it turns out he is only near death and is revived by an ambulance driver, the shock having cleared both his and Ritty’s minds they embark on a career as crime fighters. Nether MiniMidget or Ritty have any special powers or skills.

    MiniMidget has since fallen into the public domain.

    AC Comics



    MiniMidget got a new lease of life at AC Comics in the pages of FemForce. However, evidence suggest that this revamp version may not be the original Golden Age superhero. This newer hero, Microman, was a scientist named Dr. Carey Roberts. He and his his assistant, Doris Dalton (a possible revamp of Ritty), were doing experimental research on a doorway to a parallel dimension in the 1940s. They succeeded in building the doorway, but at a great cost. By stepping through doorway unit to travel between the two worlds, Roberts was shrunk down to exactly one foot in height. Rescued by Doris, who also was shrunk down to same stature as her boss, they returned never to regain their natural sizes. Eventually they became a crimefighting duo called Mircoman and Mircogirl for a decade. By then, their heroic tactics felt outmoded and joined Dr. Jonathan Weir's Vault of Heroes program to be placed into suspended animation.

    Gallant Comics

    The Extraordinary Miniature Man

    MiniMidget is now Miniature Man
    MiniMidget is now Miniature Man

    MiniMidget got another new lease on life at Gallant Comics. His codename was changed to Miniature Man by Barry Gregory because "midget" is now an offensive term in the 21st century for someone who is much smaller than average human size.


    Written and illustrated by John F. Kolb. Minimidget was the first reduced sized superhero beating out Doll Man by a few months.


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