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When Flash Gordon and his friends land on the planet Mongo, they find it ruled by the evil Emperor Ming, a tyrant who quickly becomes his arch-enemy for many years. His hatred for Flash Gordon is only matched by his desire to rule the Universe, on the course of using his Machiavellian plot such as releasing the Purple Death on Earth as spite for Flash Gordon.


Published by King Features Syndicate, Ming the Merciless was created by Alex Raymond.

Powers and Abilities

Ming is possesses an incredible intellect, which he uses for evil purposes. Out-smarting Flash Gordon and setting traps up for him, devising vile schemes, and various other intentions. He is also able to use magic to aid in his plans, and appears to have technology that is fairly advanced.

Other Media

Charles Middleton as Emperor Ming
Charles Middleton as Emperor Ming

Universal Pictures released three Flash Gordon cliffhanger serials in the 1930's and 40's and Charles Middleton played Emperor Ming in all three films. This writer has over 100 cliffhanger serials in his private collection and in his opinion no serial actor ever played a better villain than Charles Middleton did when he was Emperor Ming.

Ming in Defenders of the Earth
Ming in Defenders of the Earth

Ming was the primary antagonist in the 80's cartoon Defenders of the Earth, appearing alongside other King Features characters such as Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Mandrake & Lothar.

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