Minerva Bannister

    Character » Minerva Bannister appears in 1 issues.

    Minerva Bannister is a socialite obsessed with becoming immortal. She was willing to kill others to obtain it.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Minerva wants the Lesser Grey God, a statue with great mystical powers. She gets it, but it turns out to be a copy. She thinks her neighbor, Mr. Van Vliet, has it, and sets detectives Typhoon and Cutlass after it, among others.

    However, he doesn't have it, and commits suicide. The Defenders, Typhoon, Cutlass, and taxi driver Rufus T. Hackstabber figure out what's going on after a crazy series of events, and accuse her. It turns out that she has always wanted to be a vampire, and wants to use the statue to overturn the anti-vampire spell that Dr. Strange had cast some time before. The combined heroes apprehend her.

    Hackstabber seems to secretly have the Lesser Grey God at the issue's end.


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