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In the New 52, we first see Jay Young in Sydney, Australia. He is at a hotal/bar. We see that he has put his body in a stall in a bathroom, as his "seizure soul" - an astral form of himself, goes and attack a man in his hotel room. The man punched through Jay, and then with concentration Jay became solid and broke the man's back with a chop. He then goes to attack the man's woman who is in bed- that is when Shade, sent by Madame Xanadu, shows up to recruit Mind Warp. (This is against Shade's better judgment, he thinks Mind Warp is psychotic and will get someone on Xanadu's team hurt.)


JL Dark #3
JL Dark #3

He has the ability to create a type of visibly seen astral form, that he calls his "seizure soul", that can be intangible and solid. Jay has mentioned that his seizure soul form isn't always a human form.

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