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    A monstrous race of mindless slaves from the Dread Dimensions.

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    The origin of the Mindless Ones is unclear. They were evidently created by Plokta, a Duke of Hell. At some point in the distant past their dimension was disturbed by the meddling of the wizard king Olnar, who accidentally set the monsters loose upon his domain, the Dark Dimension. Their reign of destruction was eventually halted by the intervention of Umar and Dormammu, who imprisoned the creatures. Eventually, Dormammu discovered a way to bend the monsters to his will, and began to use them to do his bidding.


    The Mindless Ones were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    Team Evolution

    The Mindless Ones are made up of a race of essentially identical and interchangeable monsters. They are most often directed by Dormammu, but have been controlled by others, including Doctor Doom, Karnilla, and Rorkannu. Several Mindless Ones are working as staff for Doctor Strange's magical school.

    Major Story Arcs


    Members of the Mindless Ones attack Spider-Man, who has been banished to their dimension. When he is rescued they attempt to follow him back to Earth, but are beaten back by Spider-Man, Darkhawk and Sleepwalker.

    New York

    Several Mindless Ones make their way to New York City, where they proceed to wreak havoc. They are challenged by numerous New York-based heroes, who struggle to contain the creatures. In so doing, they accidentally unleash Dormammu. A Mindless One is responsible for accidentally sending Spider-Man on a trip into an alternate future. In this alternate future, the Mindless Ones have taken over and destroyed much of New York. Spider-Man returns, and the Mindless Ones are ultimately banished to their own dimension by Doctor Strange.


    A group of Mindless Ones, directed by the Dread Rorkannu, are sent against a small Colorado town as part of Rorkannu's bargain with HATE. They kill everyone in the town, then begin dressing and acting like them. They are defeated by the members of Nextwave.

    Cable & Deadpool

    The Mindless Ones are encountered by Deadpool and Bob. The Mindless Ones alternate between attacking and revering the pair, depending upon which of them possesses a small glowstick. Several Mindless Ones are killed as part of a sacrifice to destroy a magical threat.

    Hell Comes to Birmingham

    A small army of Mindless Ones are created by Plokta, who attempts to use them to conquer the world. His plans are foiled by Captain Britain and MI:13.

    Neutron Slaves

    Mindless Ones, referred to as Neutron Slaves, are used to mine neutron stars. Rebelling against their masters, they begin instead to create a drug called "Krush". These Mindless Ones are members of the Black Hole Sons.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mindless Ones are superhumanly strong and durable. They possess a single eye which can be used to fire energy beams.

    Other Media


    The Super Hero Squad Show

    The Mindless Ones appear as minion of Dormammu in the episode "Enter Dormammu".

    Video Games

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Mindless Ones feature as foes in this Facebook game.


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