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    Mindboggler was a foe of Firestorm before being recruited, and dying, as a member of the Suicide Squad.

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    Mindboggler's name was never revealed and she never gave much information on her past. She was a young punk themed criminal that fought against Firestorm on a few occasions, usually losing to him. Her power to cast completely realistic illusions was never devulged how she had obtained them.


    Mindboggler first appeared in November 1984 on the pages of the DC Comics series The Fury of Firestorm #29 - The Assassination Bureau. She was created by Joey Cavalieri and Rafael Kayanan.

    Major Story Arcs

    Suicide Squad

    Shot in the back..
    Shot in the back..

    After some time in jail, she was offered a choice by the Suicide Squad: She can serve on a deadly mission and have her jail term changed to time served, or she can remain in jail until her sentence was over.

    Mindboggler decided to take the Squad up on their offer. Right after their debriefing, but before the actual mission, Mindboggler used her power of illusion on Captain Boomerang, embarrassing him. He swore he would have his revenge on her.

    During the mission, Mindboggler was shot from behind by a member of the Jihad. Captain Boomerang had a chance to save her but let her die. She has since been incorporated into the computer system known as Djinn, a member of the Jihad.

    Black Lantern Corps

    Mindboggler returned as a member of The Black Lantern Corps.

    New 52

    Mindboggler is blasted by Cyborg, who lands long enough to help some Pittsburgh officers. Mindboggler is joined by The Enforcer, Hyena, and Multiplex and is responsible for defeating Firestorm. Individually, they are defeated and do not work together to defeat Firestorm.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mindboggler has the ability to psionically cast convincing illusions in the minds of those around her vicinity. Doing so she obtains complete control of her victims minds and perceptions, controlling they're actions into thinking they are doing one thing while actually doing another. She can control someone's equilibrium causing them to be unable to tell the walls from the floor or cieling, causing nausea and even vomiting.


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