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    Mindancer is a villain from the Booster Gold's rouges gallery. She is also a former operative of the 1000 who worked her way up the ranks. She is a mystery to all and a mistress of the mind.

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    Nothing about Mindancers personal past or how she became part of the 1000's top agents, second only in command to the Director of the 1000 itself. Her disfigurement has also not been revealed as she was unmasked at the end of the storyline.


    Debut: Booster Gold

    "Dance the Mind away..."

    Mindancer was once the second in command behind the Director in the criminal syndicate known as the 1000. She has the ability to drain the psychic energy from others and use it as psionic force.

    When battling Booster Gold she used this ability to drain the life force of everyone in the 1000 base killing everyone. She then used the power to attack Booster. She failed in this attack when the Thorn came to Booster's aide. Her mask was taken off in the battle revealing only a horrific skull with no face appearing. This horrified Mindancer and stunned the heroes giving her the time to escape.

    Mongul Prison Escape

    In the Slab
    In the Slab

    Many years had passed since Mindancer had been part of the 1000 and it was not certain if she had died in the explosion or was just in deep hiding. But during the Infinite Crisis series she was one of the many meta-humans being held prisoner in the Slabside Island Penitentiary by the space villain Mongul. She was than seen along with other inmates escaping Slabside and crossed passes with the hero Kyle Rayner.


    First debuting in Booster Gold Vol.1, #1 as a would-be future character of importance but this was one of only four issues, she would appear in. She was created by Dan Jurgens and debut date was February 1986.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mindancer is a powerful mentalist with various skill sets due to her mindpowers. However, she is also a psychic vampire meaning she must obtain mental sustenance from them minds around her to keep her abilities at a capable level of use.


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