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    Mind MGMT is a comic book created, written and illustrated by Matt Kindt and published by Dark Horse Comics. In an early interview Matt Kindt mentioned he had already planned out the entire series that would have had 36 issues in total, not including additional one-shots and other short stories that could be published in other formats, e.g. Mind MGMT: Secret Files (later collected as #0), and comic books like the anthology Dark Horse Presents. While there is a definite ending to the story, it is being told in arcs that last about six issues each.

    The story is published as a thirty-five issue main series, followed by a single issue volume NEW MGMT which acts as issue #36.


    Mind MGMT (Mind Management) is the name of a top secret government agency that was formed in the early 20th century (WWI) and has been training agents with special psychic abilities. The story is based around Henry Lyme, a former agent who decides to leave the agency and go undercover, and Meru Marlow, a crime writer who investigates an amnesia flight during which all passengers mysteriously lost their memory. When Meru follows a lead to Mexico she eventually meets Henry.

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