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    Mind-Droid is a member of Payback.

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    Mind-Droid is the successor of Manbot, and thus has to claim he is robot to play along with the Vought mandate to replace deceased heroes with new people. Although he is seen with metallic parts on his lower body during the Herogasm.

    Major Story Arcs

    Mind-Droid was once raped by Tek Knight in midair.

    He attended the latest Herogasm with his girlfriend Crimson Countess, where he and the Payback, the team he is member of is recruited to deal with the Boys.

    He was revealed to be just a telepath in a robotic suit shortly before Butcher decapitated him with a shovel.

    Other Media

    The Boys (Amazon Series)

    Mind-Droid (Now renamed Mindstorm) was a telepathic member of Payback in 1984. He was unstable due to him being bipolar. Mindstorm was the final Payback victim of Soldier Boy's (Black Noir was killed Homelander.) This version also didn't have a relationship with Crimson Countess, and was the "weirdo" of the team instead.


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