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Nothing is known about Mind Drainer's origin, save for the fact that in 1991 she was already part of a superheroes set up by the United States government, known as Omega One.


Mind Drainer was created by writer and artist Mario Gully, with colouring by Stefani Rennee. She made her first appearance in Ant #6, which was released in June 2006.

Major Story Arcs

When she crossed paths with Hannah Washington (Ant) Mind Drainer was working with Coldburn. The latter was keen to settle a score with Steven Richards, who was due to appear on a television show, but Mind Drainer - acting on behalf of Omega One - was more interested in Ant herself (Ant #6). With Ant's arms and legs frozen solid, Mind Drainer started to invade Hannah's mind and memories, a process which seemed to amuse her greatly. Hannah then realised that Mind Drainer had manipulated her mind before. (Ant #7)

Mind Drainer declared her intention to completely destroy Hannah's mind, but was interrupted by Steven Richards. He managed to distract her long enough to hit her with a pen filled with one of Coldburn's teeth. The frozen substance grew rapidly as it touched Mind Drainer's skin, imprisoning her in a solid block of ice. Mind Drainer pleaded for him to stop, claiming she had only tried to help. (Ant #8).

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