Minamoto-kun Monogatari #1

    Minamoto-kun Monogatari » Minamoto-kun Monogatari #1 - Volume 1 released by Shueisha on April 19, 2012.

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    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 1: The Beautiful Aunt (美しい叔母 Utsukushī oba)
    • Chapter 2: The First (最初 Saisho)
    • Chapter 3: The First Is my Cousin (最初は私のいとこです Saisho wa watashi no itokodesu)
    • Chapter 4: Get Used to a Woman's Body (女体に慣れます Nyotai ni naremasu)
    • Chapter 5: Taking A Bath (入浴 Nyūyoku)
    • Chapter 6: Asahi's Interest (朝日の関心 Asahi no kanshin)
    • Chapter 7: For Limited Time (期間限定の Kikan gentei no)
    • Chapter 8: Cousin (いとこ Itoko)
    • Chapter 9: Matchmaking (結婚の仲介 Kekkon no chūkai)
    • Chapter 10: So Cute (とてもかわいいです Totemo kawaīdesu)
    • Chapter 11: Sweet Setup (甘いセットアップ Amai settoappu)
    • Chapter 12: Two People in the Theater (劇場での二人 Gekijō de no futari)
    • Chapter 13: Taking Advantage in the Theater (劇場で活用して Gekijō de katsuyō shite)
    • Chapter 14: My Aunt's Chest (おばさん·チェスト Obasan· chesuto)
    • Chapter 15: Raw Juicy Tits (生ジューシーおっぱい Nama jūshī oppai)
    • Chapter 16: Reflection And Regret (反射と後悔 Hansha to kōkai)
    • Chapter 17: Asahi and Asagao (朝日と朝顔 Asahi to asagao)
    • Chapter 18: Asahi, Groom, and Irritation (朝日、新郎、および刺激 Asahi, shinrō, oyobi shigeki)
    • Chapter 19: House Call (ハウスコール Hausukōru)
    • Chapter 20: Favorite Girl (好きな女の子 Sukina on'nanoko)
    • Chapter 21: I Want to Ask, But I Better Not (私がお聞きしたい、しかし、より良い、私はありません Watashi ga o kiki shitai, shikashi, yoriyoi, watashi wa arimasen)


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    Story Arcs

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