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Prior to her transformation into one of the first American Vampires, Mimiteh was a young Native American "married" to a settler, who took her from her family. Feeling trapped in her house, when a group of European men came to her husband, in hopes of allowing her to guide them through the unsettled American plains, she jumped at the opportunity to join them. As she spent more time with the men who recruited her, she began to feel as if something wasn't right. Every night they'd mysteriously leave the group to go out "hunting." One night she decided to follow the men into the woods, only to find that the men were Vampires. The men discovered her, and attacked, but were broken up by members of the Vassals of the Morning Star, who ended up killing the vampires. Not wanting to take a risk, and feeling as if she was dead already, the Vassal members put a stake through Mimiteh's heart, but when the sun rose, and the other vampires faded away, Mimiteh didn't, the stand of vampirism had mutated within her, as she arose and pulled the stake from her heart. She would wonder the plains, eventually finding her old tribe, but fearing what she was, her tribe sealed her in a cave, hoping she'd never get otu.


Mimiteh was created by American Vampire writer Scott Snyder and first depicted by artist Jordi Bernet. 

Major Story Arcs

The Beast in the Cave

During the American Indian Wars, a time before Skinner Sweet was turned into what many believed to be the first American Vampire, and was still considered the adoptive brother of James Book, both men were in the US army, fighting battles agains the Apache Indians. The leader of the tribe they were facing, Hole in the Sky, felt it necessary to call on an ancient goddess of death to help him fight off the American forces. This goddess, Mimiteh was sealed within a mountain cave. When Hole in the Sky goes to call upon her, it is revealed that she is in fact the true first American Vampire, despite Skinner Sweet eventually holding that title.

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