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Mime was created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.


In the past, Mime and his wife, Marionette, have been flamboyant bank robbers with their latest scheme being interrupted by Dr. Manhattan. As Manhattan attempts to take out Marionette, Mime goes in front of her to protect her from Manhattan. However, Manhattan hesitated to kill the couple after realizing that Marionette was pregnant and lets the couple live.

Doomsday Clock

In the present, Mime is seen beating up and brutally injuring other prisoners before being broken out of prison by the new Rorschach alongside Mime's wife, Marionette. They are then taken to Nite Owl II's former home and headquarters, where they meet up with Ozymandias, who appears to be working alongside the new Rorschach. Veidt then convinces the couple to work with him in finding Doctor Manhattan.


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