Millie Ohio

    Character » Millie Ohio appears in 7 issues.

    Millie Ohio is the assistant to FBI agent Bing Ellinson. Together they work the first case that will become an X-File.

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    Humility Ohio, "Millie" for short, is the daughter of a US Senator. But she is determined to make it in the world, particularly the man's world as it existed in the 1940s, on her own. During the Second World War she served in the Women's Army Corps and received weapons training. She served in London during the Blitz, working on cartography.

    When she returned to the US after the war, she got a job with the FBI. She wants to be and feels capable of serving as an agent, but encounters the 'glass ceiling.' When a source gives her the starting for the investigation that will become the first X-file, she is made a "special employee" since the Bureau will not employ female agents. She is assigned to work with special agent Bing Ellinson.

    The Bureau doesn't know that she carries a concealed revolver and knows how to use it. Nobody knows why she always wears leather gloves, indoors and out.


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