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Millicent Mayne is a well-respected former actress in Gotham City. The events of Detective Comics #851 left her disfigured. In that issue, she met a man named Gracchus who tried to sell her a bag of stolen diamonds. After she refused him, Gracchus attempted to shoot her. But at that exact moment, Gotham was hit with a cataclysmic earthquake. That earthquake did more than simply save her life, it actually changed Millicent. She was no longer simply an actress and an artist, she suddenly became connected with the city itself - inhabited by all of its lost and desperate souls. Millicent devoted the next several years of her life doing charity work, and earned the name "The Face of Gotham".

Through all that time, she did not forget about Gracchus, nor did he forget about her. At one charity event, Gracchus made an appearance disguised as Two-Face. He was there for two reasons: to steal from the party's guests and to leave his mark on "The Face," literally. He attacked Millicent by pouring acid over her face. The attack left her disfigured, and she stopped her charity work. However, she continued to roam the streets, listening to the voices of those lost and desperate souls.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Batman 80-Page Giant #1

While sitting in the abandon theater during a blizzard, Millicent gets strange confusing visions from all over Gotham. One vision leads her outside where she saves Charles Stradford from a mugger named David. After David runs off scared by Millicent's power, she invites Charles inside to get warm.

While inside, Charles guesses at Millicent's identity even though her face is covered in a scarf. Millicent tells Charles about her power to know whats happening all over Gotham. This upsets Charles who lost his granddaughter to a kid napping. He believes that Millicent could use her powers to help Gotham but Millicent is afraid to show her face again.

Charles storms off, and Millicent fallows. Outside she is confronted by David, but this time Charles saves her life. As thanks Millicent show Charles her face, and promises to help Gotham once again.

Appearances in Other Media

DC Universe Online

Although Millecent herself doesn't appear in the game as of yet, there is a Millicent Mayne Plaza found in Gotham City.


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