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Millennium is an 8 issue series that is crossed over into a 56 chapter novel. The annual cross over had become a DC tradition. An idea that started with "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in 1985 and then proved itself in 1986's "Legends" had become a standard at DC. A large scale event that starred dozens of heroes from every corner of the DC Universe was a sure fire hit, and not just for the series that most of the story took place in.

Tie-in comics of regular series, labelled as part of the cross over event, sold well too, enticing the readers to try titles that they may otherwise never have sampled. Embracing this idea, DC soon released "Millennium" an 8 part mini series, written by Steve Englehart and drawn by Joe Staton. Delivered in weekly installments, "Millennium" centered on an invasion by the predecessors of the Green Lantern Corps, the interstellar robot police force called the Manhunters. Having planted spies among the citizens of Earth (both volunteers and mind-controlled victims), including Superman's former sweetheart Lana Lang and Flash's father Rudolph West, the Manhunters betrayed the heroes from within their own forces.

Finally, with the intervention of the next stage in human evolution - the New Guardians - Earth's heroes prevailed, and the android conquerors were defeated.

Weekly Millennium Release Schedule:

Millennium #1October61987
Millennium #2October131987
Millennium #3October201987
Millennium #4October271987
Millennium #5November31987
Millennium #6November101987
Millennium #7November171987
Millennium #8November241987

Collected Editions:


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