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    The Millennium Items are instruments of black magic created in Ancient Egypt three millennia prior to the events of Yu-Gi-Oh. Apart from granting their wielders the power to create Games of Darkness and deal Penalty Games, each of these items has its own unique ability, such as mind control or precognition.

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      The seven Millennium Items were created by an ancient spell from the Millennium Spellbook, to keep the magic of the Shadow Games locked up forever.  They resided on the Millennium stone in the village of Kul Elna, where  Akhenaden sacrificed 99 souls to create them.

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      The Millennium Puzzle
    Origin: Originally known as the Millennium Pendant, it was referred to as the Puzzle after it was shattered into pieces.   Pharaoh Aknamkanon was the original owner of the Pendant, until he fell ill and died it was passed it on to his son,  Atem.   After Atem defeated Zorc at the cost of his own life, he used his name as a part of the spell that sealed part of Zorc and the Atem's own soul in the Millennium Items.  Atem's soul was sealed in the Pendant which was shattered and sealed in Atem's tomb.  The young Pharaoh's memory was wiped including his name so that he could not recall the spell, and the binding could never be undone.  3000 years later Solomon Motu recovers the Millennium Puzzle in the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh.  His grandson Yugi spends the next 8 years trying to figure it out, and once assembled he unlocks the resting spirit of the Pharaoh and becomes a host to him.  Whenever Yugi duels or needs the Pharaoh's aid he is transformed into Yami Yugi.
    Abilities : The puzzle is able to fulfill one wish of the person who had solves it and heighten the owner's chance of success in a game. The hieroglyphics enscribed on the puzzle say, "The one who solves me shall gain the powers and knowledge of darkness."   Upon solving it Yugi's wish was for friends to which he credits it for his friendship with Katsuya Jonouchi. 
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      The Millennium Eye
    Origin: The Eye was first owned by the Priest Aknadin, and was later given to Maximillion Pegasus after his trip to Egypt and an encounter with Shadi who gouges out Pegasus' left eye.  Since Pegasus survived he was the intended owner of the Eye for now.  It was later taken from Pegasus when he lost a Shadow Duel to Yami Bakura.
    Abilities:  The Millennium Eye allows the possessor to read peoples minds and see through their eyes.  It can also seal away the souls of those who lose in a duel to the possessor.   According the manga, like the Puzzle, it can grant its bearer one wish.  Aknadin wished for his son to become Pharaoh, which did not happen until after the death of Pharaoh Atem who gave Priest Seto the throne.  Pegasus wished to see his wife once again and was granted with a fleeting image of her.  He spent the rest of his life trying to bring back that moment but failed.
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    The Millennium Ring
    Origin:  Priest Mahad was the first to wear the Ring.  The Ring held a fragment of Zorc who had lost his memories.  It was later possessed by Ryo Bakura who bonded with it and the spirit of the Thief King Bakura who once held it in Ancient Egypt.  
    Abilities:  The Millennium Ring can guide the owner to where ever he seeks, its points acting as a sort of compass to guide the owner.  Like the Millennium Eye the Ring can also seal way souls, as well as summon forth Duel Monsters from the cards, as well as track the other Millennium Items.  The Ring has a horrible side effect on a bearer who is not capable to wield its shadow power, if they are is not strong enough, then the Ring will burn their soul and body.
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      The Millennium Key 
    Origin:  The Key was originally owned by Priest Shimon then was later passed on to Shada.  In the present it is owned by Shadi who also possesses the Scale.  
    Abilities:  The Key can open the doors of a persons soul, allowing them access to a persons thoughts or "rooms" in their mind.  It also allows the user to rearrange the "rooms" altering the persons personality.  This can be undone once the person touches the Key.  It can also make the bearer (and others) invisible and detect when a Millennium Item has been stolen from its owner.  As well it can insert visions into another persons mind or may allow the bearer to communicate telepathically with others.
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    The Millennium Scale  
    Origin:  The Scale were originally owned by Priest Karim and in present day by Shadi.
    Abilities:  The Scale can weigh a persons heart by measuring it against the feather of the Goddess of Truth Ma'at.  If a person lies while being questioned by the owner of the scale, or is evil, the scale will tip and the persons soul will be eaten by Ammit causing death (in the manga in the anime their soul was sent to the Shadow Realm).  The Scale also has the power of Fusion.
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    The Millennium Tauk  (Necklace)  
    Origin:  The original owner of the Necklace was Priestess Isis, then was given to the guardians of the Pharaoh's tomb until bore by Ishizu who is the reincarnation of Isis.  
    Abilities:  The Necklace allows the wearer to see through time, past and future, the latter of which can only be altered with the use of another Millennium item.  Ishizu uses it to see her victory of Seto Kaiba in their duel.   When this vision ends up being wrong the necklace no longer responds to her and she hands it over to Yugi.
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      The Millennium Rod
    Origin:   The first bearer of the Millennium Rod was Priest Seto (cousin to Atem).  In ancient times Seto uses the rod to seal away a  young girls Ka, who unconsciously releases it to him after saving her, the Ka being The Blue-Eyes White Dragon.  The Rod also holds a hidden blade which was used to by the Ishta clan to carve markings on their first born son.  This ritual was what gave birth to Marik's dark side since it was performed against his will.  After being freed from his dark side by his duel with Yami Yugi, Marik handed the Rod over to him.  
    Abilities:  In Ancient Egyptian times the Rod was used to seal away peoples Ka into stone tablets.  Their Ka being Duel Monster Spirits.  The Rod allows the wielder to control peoples minds, mostly of weak willed individuals making them easier to control.  It also allows the owner to communicate telepathically with their subjects.   As with all the Millennium items it can cast a Penalty Game against the loser.

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