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Publication history

Paloniemi started making internet comics in the year 2003, when she started to make

Cursing hedgehog

and "Tassutellen"-comic.

The first comic book that was published from her is a "Tassutellen"-album, which she published herself. After this, Finnish version of Cursing hedgehog album was published. It proved to be succesful, and that`s why Sammakko-publisher decided to publish it`s own version of it. There has already been four Cursing hedgehog volumes, and a fifth is to be published in the year 2011.

Some of her blog comics have also been published, in two volumes (En vaan osaa 1 & 2).

An English edition of Cursing hedgehog was published in the year 2011.


  • Milla paloniemi has a blog. Unfortunately those who don`t know how to speak finish or write it, wont probably understand a word from it.
  • She`s fond of nature.
  • She`s a vegetarian.
  • She is in a relationship.

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