Milla Donovan

    Character » Milla Donovan appears in 77 issues.

    Married to Matt Murdock, Daredevil. She is also blind.

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    "He said-- He said I was like this whole city all pushed into one woman. And he does love this city. so... Gk!" -- Milla Donovan

    Daredevil saved Milla Donovan from being mowed down by a truck before realising she was also blind.

    Later, when the rumour about Daredevil's secret identity entered the public domain, Milla tracked down Matt Murdock and asked him out on a date.

    Murdock refused to admit anything about his superhero antics, but was intrigued enough to begin dating.

    Within a short time the two visually challenged love birds were married although Milla tried to have it annulled later when she worked out that she was just Murdock's rebound girl following the death of Karen Page.

    Milla visited Murdock while he was in prison, but he refused to talk to her to try and get her out before a riot broke out.

    Milla showed up at the funeral of Foggy Nelson. Milla is currently in a catatonic state which was induced by Mr. Fear and his drugs. She murdered an innocent bystander while under the influence of his drugs, and lives in a rehabilitation center where she is cut off from everyone, especially Matt.

    Major Story Arcs

    Daredevil vs Coyote

    For more information see: Daredevil

    While coming home from a date with Kirsten McDuffie, Matt hears Milla's heartbeat from his apartment, so he quickly dismisses Kristen and goes inside. There he finds Milla, completely unaware of the fact that she had been in a metal hospital the past few years. Milla then acts as if she and Matt are still married and wonders why Matt is acting strange. Matt drugs Milla and while she is asleep he calls Foggy, and asks him to go up to the state hospital and check on how Milla escaped.

    When Foggy gets there he learns that Milla is still in her padded cell and it appears she never left. This is later proven false, Coyote had teleported Milla out of the hospital and into Matt's apartment, in an attempt to make Matt think he had lost his mind.


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