Good matches for miles

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well id hav to say jessica drew for some werid reson idk what but it feel like thy are kinda liking each other

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That would be weird on so many levels.. not to mention illegal. Some female villain probably, trying to corrupt young Miles.

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He's 13 giving him a serious girlfriend is pretty creepy imo. Jessica would push that beyond creepy as not only would it be illegal but also pretty twisted in the fact that shes a clone of Peter Parker the guy Miles is trying to be like.

Someone normal that acts as a sort of childhood crush could be cute but honestly that's were Bendis screwed up bad. With regards to romantic development you can't do anything with a 13 yeah old without making it pretty creepy.

I think this should be in the Mile Morales forum :)

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No thanks. That would be weird and illegal. Miles is 13 and I'm guessing Jessica is about 15(?), the same age as peter. They might be teasing a girlfriend for Miles soon though.

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@mewmdude77 said:

How about that female villain Lana Baumgartner (Bombshell)? She's young enough

I thought you meant this Bombshell for a second...

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My little sister....GET OUTTA HERE!!

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@Strider92: Lol. Thank goodness for your use of the word "creepy". That word should be used more often.

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@Twentyfive said:

@Strider92: Lol. Thank goodness for your use of the word "creepy". That word should be used more often.

Yeah I like that word plus it fits this scenario nicely :p

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Moving it to Miles forum.

Also, yeah, Ultimate Spider-Woman would be weird for me to see as girlfriend of Miles.

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Damien Wayne.

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he is 13 he doesn't need a love life

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He should hook up with the Black Cat like Peter Parker did.

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Bendis said Ultimate Marvel is doing a time skip so it could be anybody.

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@Comiclove5 said:

Bendis said Ultimate Marvel is doing a time skip so it could be anybody.

That is awesome news!

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