Miles Behind Us

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    Second volume of The Walking Dead, including issues #7 - #12. The group leave the camp after realizing it isn't safe. On the road, Rick and the others go through a lot of trouble, until they, in the end of the arc, find what may be the perfect home.

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    Leaving the Camp

    As Lori remembers how she kissed Shane one night a long time ago, she spits on his grave before leaving the camp with the rest of the group. On the road, Rick and the others find a man called Tyreese, who, along with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend, has been struggling to survive. The group takes them in and stops for the night. After making a small camp, so they can rest, Tyreese starts to get along with Carol. Meanwhile, Lori is talking to Rick and tells him she is pregnant. The ex-officer is fine with the news, although he fears the baby's father may be Shane instead.

    The next day, the group take off looking for a permanent place to stay. They are all starving, and, unfortunately, soon find the Wiltshire States.

    Wiltshire States

    As soon as the group arrives at the Wiltshire States they begin searching the houses. Right after they clear one of the homes, they decide to clean the rest on the next day. The survivors divide themselves in groups to sleep in different rooms. They all state how perfect the village is, although they don't yet know that it is loaded with biters.

    On the next day, they divide themselves in groups to begin searching the houses. As soon as they start, Donna gets bitten, and the remaining survivors are obligated to flee, due to all of the roamers. Back on the road, the group starts to starve. They can't find any food, so Tyreese, Rick and Carl go hunting. Suddenly, the kid is shot in the back by a man named Otis.

    Hershel's Farm

    Although unconscious, Carl is still alive. Otis says he works on a farm nearby, so he takes Rick and his kid there. As soon as they arrive, Hershel, the owner of the farm, takes Carl, and after a few hours of treatment, he says the kid will be fine, although he needs to rest. The farmer also says the group can take shelter in his place until Carl is fine.

    The inhabitants of the farm show some of the survivors the rest of the place. Meanwhile, Tyreese tells Otis everything is alright, Rick talks to Lori and Carol tells Allen he needs to stay cool as he has two kids, although he doesn't take it nicely. Later on, the starving group has a fairly nice dinner, and after they are all satisfied, they leave the table. Glenn tells Maggie, Hershel's daughter, how he doesn't want to spend his last days alone, and she volunteers herself as a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rick is talking to Hershel, and as he says he can spend the nights in the barn, the farmer states that that is where he keeps the zombies.

    Later, when the group is practicing their shooting, a biter hears the shots and comes over the farm. Hershel tries to take him to the barn, but once he opens the door, all of the zombies manage to get out. In the end, some of Hershel's kids are killed. In the next day, Rick and Tyreese start to clean up the barn, so they can sleep in it. However, in the middle of the process, the ex-officer gets mad, as he wonders why they have to sleep there, when there is room inside the house. After questioning Hershel, the farmer gets mad and kicks them out of the farm. Again on the road, the group of survivors begin starving. Once they go looking for food, Dale finds a new place they can call home: a prison.

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