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    One of the many children of Zeus, who has the ability to see all, beyond his physical eyesight.

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    Created by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, Milan first appears in Wonder Woman #15. His appearance and mannerisms appear to be based on the late Chicago musician Wesley Willis.

    Origins & Appearance

    One of the surviving children of Zeus, Milan is by Lennox considered one of the less unfortunate ones as Milan appears to be blind save from his connection with the swarms of flies that follow him wherever he goes. Milan is one of Manhatten's homeless and spends his days scavenging for food, when he is not catching 'joyrides' and 'hellrides' on various bus lines while making his home in an abandoned part of the subway system.

    He has a friendly relationship with the New God Orion, whom he greets with a friendly headbutt when they meet. Orion provides Milan with occasional free transport on the Astro-Harness (a joyride for Milan) in return for Milan's help, since Milan has some divination abilities. Ultimately Milan one day hopes Orion will one day take him away from Earth and bring him to New Genesis, where he would be free of the visions that sometimes plague him.

    On the other hand Milan has a strained relationship with Lennox due to what Lennox has used the information for, so far only mentioned that a sister of their was unintentionally hurt by Lennox. Also by Lennox's account, Milan is not easy to befriend thanks to his visions. Possibly it is down to Milan wishing to remain unknown out of fear of the people who would wish to use his abilities and the risks he takes.

    Powers & Abilities

    Divination: Milan main power is a form of divination; being able to tell the future.

    Fly-sight: Though apparently blind otherwise, Milan appears to be able to 'see' through the flies that swarm around him.

    Spewing-flies: So far his only means of attack and defence, Milan has exhaled a huge swarm of flies from his mouth to engulf his targets.


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