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Mikoto Kiba was born into a family of a criminal syndicate, but they lived by the mantra of absolute rule over women. Her own father and grandfather cared little for her, but she was especially close with her step-brother, Yuki Kiba. He was older than her, and swore that he'd end the rules against girls. Mikoto followed her brother everywhere. This even led to their love of motorbike racing.

When Mikoto crashed in a race, Yuki had to swerve to avoid hitting her but ran into a concrete wall. Mikoto's father and grandfather rushed all the doctors they could to tend to Yuki, as she was left behind. Though Mikoto's heart had stopped in the ambulance, she was saved by Masamune Mochizuki, the only doctor not caught up in tending to Yuki. When Yuki passed away, her father ended his own life, and her grandfather lost his mind at losing the bother of them. In her family's weakened state, the Kabuto Syndicate waged a war for the land holdings and wealth. Mikoto felt helpless to stop what she was sure her brother could of prevented.


Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)
Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Mikoto Kiba (木場美琴, Kiba Mikoto) is a main character in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

Her first appearance was in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 1 "CASE: 1 Hell's Prescription I - Cross of Fresh Blood".

Character Evolution

Age: 17

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Yellow

Height: 162cm (5' 3.75")

Measurements: 87-57-85cm (34-22-33in.)

Major Story Arcs

CASE 1: Hell's Prescription

Mikoto on Arashi's first mission
Mikoto on Arashi's first mission

Mikoto was partnered with Arashi Mikami on his first mission with Black Label. She rode along on the back of her motorcycle, as he drive. Once inside, Arashi swerved and Mikoto fell off, and she saw he had given Hideo Aranami his own gun before finally killing him. Back at Mochizuki Hospital, Mikoto scolded Arashi on his reckless actions, but Arashi was welcomed as an official member of Mikoto's Team Ampoule One with Oriha Nashida. They argued before their next mission while in the showers, and she discovered that Arashi's body was covered in scars. He told her the story of how he was given the limbs and heart of Dr. Mochizuki's own brain-dead son to save his life.

Their next mission to eliminate Taisei Aranami hit a bump when Detective Isoroku was discovered in the room. She told Arashi not to harm the police detective. Taisei was quickly killed, but Jin Masaki escaped after using a hostage. They then took the surviving hostage, Miss Fujino, back to the hospital for treatment and questioning.

CASE 2: Surgical Strike

Mikoto and Arashi were at the hospital when they learned that Masaki had hired some goons to abduct Miss Fujino when she was released, and an elderly woman was run over trying to stop them. The entire Black Label then anxiously waited for Masaki to be located. He was found hiding in an abandoned building filled with armed thugs. Mikoto was ordered to follow Tatrata Isoroku into the building, but she got caught up in a misunderstanding when he had been stabbed by a drugged Miss Fujino. Isoroku's partner, Konomi Suzue, walked in thinking she was his attacker. Suzue was surrounded by thugs drawn by the commotion, and Mikoto couldn't rick a gun fight. Arashi arrived to save them, but Mikoto was hit in some of the crossfire.

Miki Tsurugi had arrived while Mikoto was struggling to thank Arashi, and she had even already treated the unconscious detectives wounds. Miki tried to send the Mikoto and Arashi home, but they pleaded to let them finish the job. They found Masaki on the roof, and Mikoto was shocked when she watched Arashi ruthlessly shoot Miss Fujino when she tried to stab him. However, he had only hit her with rubber bullets. Masaki tried to get the upper hand with an armed helicopter, but that was shot down by Oriha. Arashi then shot Masaki in the head as she tried to jump from the building,

CASE: 3 Midnight Guerrilla

Mikoto's attack dodged by lady arsonist
Mikoto's attack dodged by lady arsonist

Mikoto and Arashi's mission to kill Yusuke Magari was interrupted by a female arsonist who got the better of them and escaped. On the next mission Mikoto was worried when one of the Kabuto Syndicate members recognized her, but he was quickly killed and the arsonist reappeared. Though, she escaped again. Later at school, Mikoto met Chikage Hizaki, a girl who was being harassed by other students. Mikoto later ran into Chikage on the road. They sat down and surprisingly both shared the stories of their pasts, though Mikoto left out some details. When Chikage started to flirt with her, Mikoto excused herself to leave. That same night she told Arashi the whole story of her past, but she was offended when he told her she was depending too much on her dead brother and not on her team.

Mikoto was giving Arashi the cold shoulder and opted to hang out with Chikage. That night, they both stopped Yuu Momokino from being raped by drugged young man she knew. When they checked his dropped phone, they saw a picture of a hostage and a message from the new Kabuto leader to come to Port 4. Chikage excused himself, Mikoto took Momokino to the police, giving them false information on the location; then had Momokino checked out my Miki. Mikoto then went solo to the warehouse.

Once inside, she found that Kunio Ohmichi had strapped gas bombs to civilians, and he stabbed her in the leg with his sword. He told the people to kill Mikoto to be freed. As she ran through the warehouse, she also ran into the arsonist, who revealed herself as Chikage. Chikage killed one of the men for hurting her then left her behind to kill Kunio after starting a fire. It seemed hopeless to stop her till Arashi got Makoto her bike. Though Mikoto disarmed Chikage, her master, Makoto Ogawa, arrived and shot her in the eye with a crossbow for her failure. Mikoto shot Ogawa, and Chikage was still alive. However, Mikoto couldn't stop Chikage from dropping herself into the burning building upon learning of how she had been manipulated.

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Equipment

Mikoto is highly skilled in the martial arts and is a top notch motorcycle rider. Her primary weapons are a pair of twin revolvers that she keeps stored in duel holders on her back.

  • Duel Resolvers:

Other Media


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