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    Mikos is Circe's loyal henchman.

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    In the post-crisis universe, the man called Mikos was the most loyal servant of the sorceress Circe and one of her bestiamorphs. His ability given by his mistress was to transform into a bird, therefore Mikos was used as a messenger and spy for the witch. He could also transform into a demon avian-human hybrid, capable of tearing enemies of his mistress to shreds.

    He first made his presence known by spying on Wonder Woman during her visit to Greece. Killing some local rebels that planned on telling the Amazon princess about Circe. When Circe made her move against Diana, Mikos guarded her island of Aeaea against the rebels and Diana's friends who had stormed the island to rescue her. Circe was banished before she could do any more harm and Mikos and his bestiamorph army with her.

    When Circe returned, having been rescued from limbo by Eris, Mikos also returned and under orders from the witch, he killed and impersonated the Amazon messenger pigeon, Tiny One. While Circe started her War of the Gods, Mikos spied on the Amazons, notifying Circe that they were visiting the US. While in the US, the sorceress transformed Hippolyta into a warrior slave called Shim'Tar with a spell placed on the Goblet of Heracles. When the spell had been cast over the Queen, Mikos was to retrieve the evidence, the goblet, but he was intercepted and lost the cup to the Cheetah.

    Once the War had been ignited, Circe slept to regain her strength and Mikos was warned by Dr. Psycho that there was a traitor in their ranks. Mikos refused Dr. Psycho's request to talk to Circe, which angered the villain, so much so, that he severed all ties with the sorceress. Not revealing who the traitor was. When it was revealed that the traitor was Konrad Kaslak, Circe was angered that the earlier warning did not reach her ears. And with a magical burst of fire, the witch transformed Mikos into his bird form and then reduced her most loyal servant to ashes.


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